Daily breeze - safe driving is our collective responsibility

Daily breeze - safe driving is our collective responsibility

According to David W. Hart, Ph.D.

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The privilege of driving a motor vehicle is deeply rooted in the freedoms of most Americans as freedom: freedom and freedom. We have the ability to pick up and go whenever and wherever we like America with apple pie. Especially in the Southern expanse of California, where military roads and highways can be part of the passing events, holding appointments and visiting friends and family, driving is considered crucial to try to happiness and live in our city. best life.

David Hart, MD

However, it is likely that he will not say that driving is our constitutional or human right. Drive is a privilege that requires cognitive and physical ability to operate a vehicle safely. The main concept here is safety. Unfortunately, people with Alzheimer's disease or associated brain neurological disorders experience a progressive and harmful impairment of cognitive functions required to drive safely.

Memory loss can affect an individual's ability to recall the rules of the road; visual spatial decompression of a single driver can be lost in common environments; lack of judgment could influence decision-making at present; and a reduction in the speed at which an individual processes sensory information is the difference between a leg or the accelerator.

Physicians who diagnose dementia patients are required by law to submit a confidential report to the county's health department if the cognitive impairment is sufficiently severe to impair driving capacity (California Health and Safety Code Section 103900). This information is then forwarded to the Motor Vehicle Department (DMV), which is then authorized to act.

Whether or not physicians return their patients to the county health department, we all have a collective responsibility as a community, including people with dementia, to ensure the safety of our roads. The question must be: Am I (or my lover, neighbor, patients, etc.) able to go behind the wheel with confidence and without the risk of an accident that could harm me, your passenger, or other traveler on the roads and sidewalks?

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