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Finansia Cyrus Securities Market outlook today Expect the SET Index to continue swinging sideways in a frame of 1,565-1580 points. The overall market still lacks new factors to support. While this week there will be more important economic numbers coming out. Both Thai inflation and US employment The current market focus remains on concerns that the global economy, especially the US and Europe, is at risk of recession from inflation that is much higher than the target range and may last longer, as reflected in the falling bond yield, especially at 10 years old, resulting in nearly See the Inverted Yield Curve again, with the US Bond Yield 10Y-2Y narrowing at 0.05%. We expect 3Q22 to be a volatile quarter and it is dependent on whether inflation has clearly slowed down.

However, it is believed that the Thai stock market will remain stronger, supported by an accelerated economy and opening up of the country. The strategy also focuses on investing in Value and Selective stocks, stocks with unique positive factors and strong 2Q22 to 2H20 earnings prospects, affected by slow purchasing power and limited cost increases.

for strategy : Focus on investing in Value stocks and stocks with unique positive factors and strong earnings prospects for 2Q22 to 2H10

Top stocks of the month Jul : CK, CPN, GFPT, KTB, MAKRO

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