Daily horoscope for 29 November 2021 | Daily News

solar November 29, 2021, 2021 lunar eclipse It corresponds to the Monday, the 10th day of the waning moon, the 12th month, the year of the Ox, Trisek Chulachak 1383. rising sun Time 6:24 a.m. real noon at 12.06 p.m. sunset at 5:48 p.m. moon rise Time 02.11

today Time 00-16.42 hrs. Moon eats Uttaraphon, the 12th auspicious zodiac consists of Joro of the auspicious day. Joro means thief, robber, burglar. The auspicious name Bhumipala means the protector of the land. Monday – Director-General according to the timing of 00.00-24.00 – Do not perform auspicious activities auspicious direction (Southwest) Umongkol-Isan direction (Northeast) Daily color – white Auspicious color – black, dark purple, gray, unlucky color – red, red-orange. The zodiac sign of Kali – Scorpio

born today boy Open, cheerful, aesthetic temperament, kind, intelligent, knowledgeable, charming, likes to dress, agile, agile, famous, has relatives that cannot be relied on. but relying on relatives close friends like relatives like to make friends with good standing girl Likes to be social, talkative, eloquent, high-minded, arrogant, intelligent. tactful love to learn, love
of people who have seen have mercy and support prosperous solid evidence happy family

born on sunday will meet a lover who has a child-like character but has good intelligence will be recognized by those around him as knowledgeable Financial documents should be inspected at all times. will have sponsors Lovers should care about each other. understandable Siblings and friends have the opportunity to meet. There is a need for money There was a clashes with close relatives.

born on monday Should take care and maintain good health. has restored health If you have money, you should help others. good luck in food If traveling, you should check the condition of the vehicle as well. Current finances have income coming in many ways. Lovers and spouses can reconcile with each other. There are people from other countries who associate with them. enthusiastic about work

born on tuesday will get good fortune because of friends have an adult help The descendants will have to travel. Be careful, there will be a collision for a small cause. You will be lucky to have income coming in many ways. Some of the money was spent to maintain health. will be confused about the opposite sex Be careful that there will be problems with people close to you. The son-in-law showed his emotions. You should adjust your understanding of those around you.

born on wednesday Adults will provide support and assistance. have the opportunity to use the knowledge Professional competence and expertise Business operations should be extremely careful. Because mistakes may become problems to be fixed continuously. have the opportunity to study and train with additional knowledge will hear good teachings Think of anything that will work. You will get new things. There are new jobs coming in.

born on thursday Should listen to the opinions of those around you. will be successful in the field of work have the opportunity to use their knowledge Be careful that there will be misunderstandings with close friends. Couples, lovers take more and more roles in our lives. Servants provide good support. There will be problems in love affairs, finances have a clear channel. will have a fortune from taking risks

born on friday have the opportunity to use their knowledge to solve various problems; beware of conflicting opinions with the elders Teachers, supervisors, supervisors Work is slowly recovering, should be careful to maintain good health. will be associated with the opposite sex adults and friends to you Be careful that there will be tragedy in the family. Existing problems will resolve on their own. Lost valuables will be returned.

born on saturday will work with the opposite sex have the opportunity to use their knowledge The elders will provide great support and assistance. More enthusiasm and determination to work Servants will help with work. Work has a clear path. better finance assigned to important tasks Anxious about old things, planning a trip The negotiations were successful.


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