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Daily News 4 Mar. Open the confession “Ammy” actually burned as a foolish idea.

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Daily News newspaper Thursday issue March 4, 2021 (6 stars box)
News 1 Opening the confession, “Ammy” actually burned, received a stupid idea. The court did not grant bail – witnesses indicated there were more than one culprit. Somsak Voss sends a clue to the arrest of a famous singer.
News 2 Chaiwut – Treynuch Sangkhong Grab the Minister of Education – Culture Rocking influence, control EDS, definitely overturn the Constitution, vote on agenda 3
News 3 Unlocking, organized Songkran, has intense coronavirus Chu travel money. Thai government is cool to produce drugs by yourself Prepare for copyright
News 4 Log mia-ni, kill the corpse. Husband House Nonthaburi Claiming revenge, being brutally beaten for a long time
News 5 The appeals court stands to execute and shoot the judge’s father. Solar cell company president The scene of a car crash seized the opportunity to cut off.

Box 1 Star (North-Isan-South-East) 1 day in advance (5 Mar’21)
News 1 Shock confession “Ammi” actually burned, made alone, not related to the mob Wicked insurance – Witness points out there is 1 more culprit.
News 2 Sia Heng came to pass the cabinet. Senator, sure, vote overturned the Constitution
News 3 Government green light Songkran Festival Intense conditions control COVID-19
News 4 Bounce 5 Tigers, Huay Kwang, Poisonous Gaming, Shake Hilo, Playing Cards
News 5 Caught a wife, killed, cut off the neck of a husband, set a fire, conspired a real niece
News 6 Three more Burmese dead to kill Yangon dictator Mandalay

*** All details can be followed in the “Daily News” newspaper, March 4, and the advance edition March 5, 2021 ***




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