Daily Temperature Fluctuations and Rainy Openings: Weather Forecast for Asian Games Opening Ceremony

Autumn-Like Weather Sets the Scene for Asian Games Opening Ceremony

Hangzhou, China – As the highly anticipated Asian Games gears up for its grand opening, the city is experiencing a delightfully mild autumn day. Thick fog, however, threatens to shroud many areas with less than 200m of visibility overnight.

Despite this, during daylight hours, warm rays of sunlight are piercing through the clouds, offering respite from the cool breeze that follows once the sun bids adieu. Consequently, locals are advised to brace themselves for significant fluctuations in daily temperatures.

Today in Hangzhou, a light drizzle casts a gentle spell over the city, just a day before the grand inauguration of the Asian Games. A damp forecast persists, with anticipation of a full day of rain tomorrow, on the opening ceremony day.

Those attending the opening ceremony should prepare for a humid and damp evening. A local time of 8 pm is expected to see temperatures around 20.5 degrees, coupled with uncomfortably high humidity levels.

Bird’s eye analysis of the current satellite image reveals the influence of a pressure trough stretching from central and southern China to the south of Jeju Island. Tomorrow, the nation can expect mostly clear skies, albeit with an increase in cloud cover during the afternoon hours.

Gradually, Yeongdong region located in Gangwon-do province will experience an overcast sky and rainy conditions. Additionally, coastal areas are advised to brace for potentially strong winds.

Daily Temperature Range and Rainfall Insights

  • Seoul: Expect a cool morning with a minimum temperature of 17 degrees. During the day, temperatures will rise to an enjoyable 28 degrees.
  • Daegu: Anticipate a maximum temperature of 26 degrees.
  • Gwangju: Enjoy a delightful maximum of 27 degrees.

Rain will predominantly grace the central region next Wednesday. However, on Chuseok day, clear skies are expected to blanket the entire nation.

As we eagerly await the grand opening of the Asian Games, Hangzhou’s autumn-like weather serves as a perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion.

It was a day with autumn-like weather.

There will be thick fog with visibility of less than 200m in many places in clear weather overnight.

During the day, warm sunlight will shine through the clouds.

However, once the sun goes down, it cools down quickly.

You need to prepare for daily temperature fluctuations.

It is raining lightly in Hangzhou today, a day before the opening ceremony of the Asian Games.

It will rain all day tomorrow, the day of the opening ceremony.

The temperature is expected to be 20.5 degrees around 8pm local time, and the humidity will be very high.

If you look at the current satellite image, you can see that from central and southern China, including Hangzhou, to the south of Jeju, it is affected by a pressure trough.

Tomorrow, it will be mostly clear across the country, but clouds will increase from the afternoon.

It will gradually become cloudy and rainy in the Yeongdong region of Gangwon-do.

There will be strong winds along the coast.

The minimum morning temperature in Seoul will be 17 degrees, so it will be cool.

The maximum temperature during the day will rise to 28 degrees in Seoul, 26 degrees in Daegu, and 27 degrees in Gwangju.

It will rain mainly in the central region next Wednesday.

On Chuseok day, it will be mostly clear across the country.

It was the weather.

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