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‘Daily Tusk’ Kim Soo-mi and ‘Il-yong’ Park Eun-soo reunite after 19 years

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TV Chosun star documentary ‘My Way’ visits Kim Soo-mi’s hometown of Gunsan

From left, actors Park Eun-soo and Kim Su-mi

[김수미 측 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kang Ae-ran = Kim Soo-mi and Park Eun-soo, who had a mother-and-child relationship in the country’s longest running drama ‘Rural Diary’, reunited after 19 years.

According to a broadcaster on the 28th, the two met through the shooting of Park Eun-soo’s second story, which is scheduled to be aired in TV Chosun’s star documentary ‘My Way’. This is the first time since ‘Rural Diary’ ended in December 2002.

The two visited Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, the hometown of Kim Sumi, and looked around Kim Sumi’s birthplace and Kim Sumi-gil in an alley in a friendly atmosphere.

Even though they haven’t seen each other in a long time, the two of them look as close as if they had only seen each other yesterday, creating nostalgia for the daily tusks and the daily ones.

In ‘Rural Diary’, Kim Su-mi showed off her strong and stern personality, and Park Eun-soo played Il-yong, a fiery character, and showed off her breath.

In particular, the appearance of Il-yong’s tusk calling Il-yong, “Il-yong, you, this bastard, Shiki” still remains in the memory of viewers.

Although she has been playing the role of a mother and child for over 20 years, in fact, Park Eun-soo is a senior in the first round of MBC talent recruitment and is older than Kim Soo-mi, who is in the third. Park Eun-soo is also three years older than Kim Soo-mi, who was born in 1949.

The filming of ‘My Way’ in which the two appear is scheduled to air within this year.

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