Daisuke Matsuzaka presented a crying bouquet to Mr. Ichiro’s surprise appearance → The stand was noisy at the dashing exit | Full-Count

Mr. Ichiro suddenly appears from the bench immediately after the message video

Seibu and Daisuke Matsuzaka, who retired from active duty this season, held an active retirement ceremony on the 4th at the fan gathering “LIONS THANKS FESTA” held at MetLife Dome. At the end of the event, Mr. Ichiro, who fought many times as a fateful rival, appeared as a surprise. The hall was wrapped in a roar.

An oversized surprise awaited at the end of the fan festival. Matsuzaka went around the ground after the retirement ceremony. When I came back near my home, something happened here. When Mr. Ichiro’s message was sent to the vision, Mr. Ichiro suddenly said, “Daisuke, I can’t find the words to say. I can only do this. Forgive me, Daisuke.” , Appeared from the bench. Matsuzaka also cries in a rainy day. I handed over the bouquet and said a word or two, and Mr. Ichiro left dashingly.

Since joining Seibu from Yokohama High School in 1998, he has been a professional player for 23 years with NPB and MLB, and has 170 wins and 108 losses in total in Japan and the United States. As a representative of Japan, he participated in the Olympics twice (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004) and twice in WBC (2006, 2009).

Mr. Ichiro and Matsuzaka faced each other for the first time on May 16, 1999, which was their first year as a professional. Matsuzaka took three strikeouts, and the “change from self-confidence to conviction” that was issued after the match became a wise saying that is still handed down. After that, he played many famous games and joined forces as a teammate at SAMURAI JAPAN to lead to the WBC championship.

[Actual situation]The scene where Mr. Ichiro suddenly appeared and Matsuzaka cried.



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