Damage from strong winds… Stranded all over the Yeongnam region

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At the moment Typhoon ‘Nanmadol’ is passing through the sea far to the south-east of Busan and heading towards the Japanese archipelago.

Reporter Son Ha-neul will report on the damage so far.

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The Central Security and Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters announced that one person was injured at 11am today due to typhoon ‘Nan Madol’.

The injured woman in her 40s was hit by a flower pot that had fallen in the strong wind and injured her calf while passing the ground platform of Dongnae Station on Busan Subway Line 1 at around 8:40 last night.

At the same time, a man fishing on the seashore of the coastal road in Yongdam-dong, Jeju-si was swept away by the waves and died, and in the process of rescuing the man, three marine police officers were injured and taken too. to the hospital.

However, the main script classified the accident as a ‘safety accident’ and excluded it from the typhoon’s damage count.

As strong winds blew, the electricity supply to a total of 1,300 homes in Busan, Ulsan, as well as Daegu was cut off at one point, causing inconvenience to residents overnight.

In Busan, there were a total of 114 reports of damage, including broken roofs and windows and broken trees, hitting vehicles. In Ulsan, there were 37 reports of signs and flags falling due to strong winds.

In the low-lying areas along the coast of Busan and North Gyeongsang Province, more than 830 residents from 664 households were moved to community centers and senior centers due to concerns about flood damage.

Traffic control in the Yeongnam region continued throughout the morning.

In Busan, 70 roads including sea bridges, underpasses, and coastal roads were under control in Busan at one time.

However, air and sea routes affected by rain and wind are still stuck, and 43 flights to and from Gimhae Airport and 101 passenger ships to and from the ports of Busan and Jeju have been grounded. u cancel.

Kindergartens and elementary, middle and high schools in Busan have switched to distance learning today, and 1,500 daycare centers have all decided to close.

This is Son Ha-neul from MBC News.

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