Damage to a pillar in a shopping mall near Madu Station… “The ground went down from years ago”


In a building near Madu Station in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, an underground parking lot pillar was damaged and residents were evacuated. Some say that the land was originally weak.

Reporter Gong Dasom covered it.


A fire engine enters a narrow alley.

Firefighters will then install an entry control line around the perimeter.

Today (31st) around 11:35 am, a report was received that the pillar of the underground parking lot of the 7-story building near Madu Station in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do was broken.

About 300 residents of the shopping mall were evacuated.

[A씨/상가 입주민 : 경찰분들이 대피하라고 하시더라고요. 그래서 장사 접고 그냥 나오게 됐습니다. ‘무슨 일이지?’ 뭔가 심상치 않은 걸 많이 느낀 거 같아요. 사람들이 우르르 몰리니까.]

There was a risk of the building collapsing, so after an hour or so, all the children of the daycare center in the neighboring building evacuated outside.

Local governments and others have controlled and inspected both lanes in contact with nearby sidewalks.

The building was built in 1995 and it was found that the parking lot column was damaged because it could not withstand the pressure of the groundwater.

In the first investigation, it was confirmed that there is no risk of the building collapsing immediately.

Experts believe that the ground on which the building was built was originally weak.

[최용화/고양시 안전관리자문단 : 마두동 일대가 다 펄층이에요, 지반이. 물이 빠지면서 (흙) 입자가 같이 빠져나옵니다. 그렇기 때문에 지반이 내려앉는 거죠.]

The ground subsidence phenomenon, in which the ground around the entrance to the parking lot went down, had been going on for several years.

[이현무/건물 관리인 : 저 뒤에 도로 꺼져 있잖아요. 1년 넘었어요. 1년 넘었는데 보수는 올 상반기에 한 번 한 거예요. 그런데 또 꺼지더라고요.]

The city of Goyang is planning to conduct a detailed safety diagnosis on the building together with related organizations.


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