Damon Hill “F1 withdrawal to win title is the best way for Honda”[F1-Gate .com]

Former F1 World Champion Damon Hill believes Honda’s withdrawal from F1 in the year of winning the Drivers’ Championship is the best way to leave the sport.

Honda announced at the end of 2020 that it would withdraw from F1 for the 2021 season only and put an end to its partnership with Red Bull.

Developed a year ahead of schedule, the new F1 power unit gives Red Bull the opportunity to fight the absolute champion Mercedes F1, and Max Verstappen defeats Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the final F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to become his first F1 world champion. Acquired. Honda was able to finish the F1 activity in the form of winning the title.

Some are disappointed with Honda’s successful withdrawal from F1, but Damon Hill considers it the ideal way to retire after winning the 2016 Championship. Compared to Nico Rosberg’s decision.

“It’s a bit like Nico Rosberg. It’s sensational. They won and left us again,” Damon Hill told F1 Nation.

“But in many ways, actually winning the championship may be the best way to go. Otherwise, there’s only hard work!”

Damon Hill acknowledges that the attraction of many in F1 is the process of reaching the point of struggle and success.

“Some say it’s a journey, a battle, a constant struggle, not an ending,” Damon Hill said.

“The ending can be a little disappointing, because suddenly you think,’What am I doing now?'”

“I need it again and I need to come back again, but when it comes to Honda, I can say’well done, Honda’. What an amazing achievement, it’s a shame to leave.”

Honda has partnered with the Red Bull family in F1 since 2018, and after supplying the engine to Toro Rosso at that time, expanded the partnership to Red Bull Racing in 2019.

He returned to F1 as a McLaren works partner in 2015 and cooperated until 2017, but did not achieve the same level of success as Red Bull after that.

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