Daniel Kaluuya speaks Black Panther, Find Out And Queen And Narrow

Daniel Kaluuya speaks Black Panther, Find Out And Queen And Narrow

We started this podcast as AwardsBlend. And the bread and butter is always the identity race for the end of the year. Sean, Jake and Kevin are proud members of the Film Broadcast Critics 'Association and vote for the Critics' Choice Awards. And around this time, their focus translates to Oscar movies.

Which helps to explain why Daniel Kaluuya goes into the show this week. The actor was Seán at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, where he received an award. But he spent time with Sean discussing his career (including Go out and Black Panther), the controversy “Marvel Ain's Cinema”, and his upcoming film Queen and slim.

It's a fun chat, and we hope you enjoy it.

Big notice! The show is officially hosted by Meet Up in honor of our 100th podcasting event! It will take place in Washington, D.C., and we want you to be there. It's free! Let us know who is coming, so we can find accommodation. Visit this site to RSVP.

This week's major review is Doctor Sleep, and these guys come upon him from different angles. Jake and Seán are huge fans of Stephen King, and he is very much respected by Kevin The Shining. How did they rate Mike Flanagan's adaptation? Listen to them.

The Merger game this week must be done with Shia LaBeouf, and although this was not his intention, Kevin had a very personal story about his initial day as a professional critic. What is your pick from #ShiaLaBeoufBlend?

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