Daniel Ricardo “Japanese F1 fans are as enthusiastic as stalkers”[F1-Gate.com]

Daniel Ricciardo was asked about the difference between F1 fans around the world, and he ranked the knowledge and passion of Japanese F1 fans at the top. Almost like a stalker, but on the other hand, very respectful and polite.” F1 is a global circus in different countries every year, with different cultures and levels of support in different parts of the world. There are several calendars that will be highlights for drivers and fans.

Speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ahead of the Red Bull announcement in New York, Ricciardo was asked how F1 fans around the world were and he said the Suzuka racers were the most “intense and knowledgeable”. During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert before the Red Bull launch in New York, when asked what kind of place F1 fans are in, Daniel Ricciardo said the crowd at Suzuka was the most “fierce and crazy.” They’re always respectful,” he said. “Australians and Americans are very similar,” said Daniel Ricciardo. “It’s so loud, it’s fun, it’s like going out for a beer later. “He is also very respectful and polite! So that is also very interesting. “Daniel Ricciardo, who attended the launch of Red Bull Racing at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan on Friday, said he joined Renault four years ago After the transfer, I was happy to be back in my former team as a third driver. Daniel Ricciardo will join Red Bull Racing at selected races this season, including the Australian Grand Prix, as the team’s reserve driver, alongside simulation and marketing work at Red Bull Racing’s Milton Keynes base. I have confirmed that there is. Daniel Ricciardo said he envied watching Red Bull Racing’s success from the sidelines while McLaren were down in midfield last season, but is happy to see his former colleague back at the top of F1. I’m in . “It’s like being back home, a warm and welcoming place for the second stage of my career,” said Daniel Ricciardo when unveiling the car. “It’s like being back in the family with a lot of close people,” he said. “Last year I was competing with them, so it was certainly outstanding at the time, but to be honest, it’s really cool to watch. “Early in the season we were at the mercy of the battle with Ferrari, but we kept pushing throughout the year and in the second half Red Bull dominated. It was a very impressive season. ” “We worked together. really cool to see a lot of the guys on the team that were out there back at the top and it was really cool.”

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