Daniel Ricciardo “F1 fans want to see McLaren vs Ferrari’s victory”[F1-Gate .com]

The 2021 F1 season was the start of Red Bull vs Mercedes, but Daniel Ricciardo believes that what F1 fans really want to see is the McLaren vs Ferrari battle.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were the protagonists of the 2021 F1 World Championship, but prestigious teams McLaren and Ferrari also competed for third place, competing for the spot when both teams dropped the podium.

McLaren was the only team to achieve a 1-2 finish in 2021 and, along with Ferrari, each had five podiums.

It was Ferrari who eventually took third place in the Constactors Championship, but Daniel Ricciardo hopes that the fight between McLaren and Ferrari will continue in 2022. talk.

“It’s Ferrari, and it’s a cool story from the outside. The two teams have been sluggish for years, but they’re the two biggest teams in history,” said Daniel Ricciardo.

“And now they’re back and fighting. The rest is the fight for first place! I’m sure it’s the story that so many fans want.”

McLaren maintained its advantage early in the season, with Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris scoring a total of 163 points into the summer vacation.

Daniel Ricciardo won the F1 Italian Grand Prix and Lando Norris finished second in McLaren, giving the team a 1-2 finish for the first time in 11 years, after which Ferrari gained a competitive edge with an updated power unit. I raised it.

In the end, Ferrari beat McLaren by 48.5 points to take third place in the ranking.

Despite losing late in the season, Daniel Ricciardo says he really enjoyed the fight against Ferrari.

“It’s always more fun to have something to fight,” said Daniel Ricciardo.

“I don’t think it’s so exciting if Red Bull and Mercedes are too far ahead and Ferrari is too late and we’re in a lonely third place battle.”

“I loved having targets to track and it was fun. We were focusing on them and trying to beat them, but it’s more of a team. I wore a helmet on Sunday and Wright. If it disappears, I personally think as a driver. The color of the machine doesn’t matter. If I think I can beat them, I’ll go beat them. “

“I’m in a car and it doesn’t really change my behavior, but I think it’s good for the team to have those goals and fights. I don’t want to call it motivation, but it creates a bit of that. But because I have a goal, I can really do my best every weekend, and none of us are satisfied. ”

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