‘Danwolae’, Danwolae CEO Kim Young ran, ‘A space where you can drink tea and get healthy, Yangpyeong’s representative herbal medicine cafe ‘Danwolae’

[한국미디어뉴스통신=박주환 기자] ‘Yakseon’ is a compound word of medicine (藥) and food (膳), which means food that becomes medicine. The purpose is to prevent and treat diseases and prevent aging by combining the properties, taste, color and smell of food and medicinal materials according to the individual’s constitution or situation and then cooking them. Recently, as interest in health has increased and awareness of the side effects of drugs such as antibiotics has increased, interest in medicinal therapy to prevent diseases and improve disease symptoms through foods that are not harmful to the human body has increased.

In winter, where even the air that brushes your nose is bitter, the oriental medicine cafe ‘Danwolae’, where you can enjoy hot tea that melts your body and mind, is emerged as a representative attraction in Yangpyeong. Danwolae, which pursues a healing place for warm rest in daily life, was opened by CEO Kim Young-ran, who has expanded and created the foundation of the domestic flower tea market and created a systematic education system, with competitiveness differentiated based on the concepts ‘health’ and ‘healing’. Opened at the end of November last year for those looking to heal naturally and maintain their health, this place has received rave reviews from customers who have been there for just two months, calling it ‘Life Jujube Tea’ and ‘one of the best herbal teas I have ever tasted’ The taste is recognised.

Herbal tea that is drunk according to individual composition with the science of oriental medicine and good ingredients is well received by middle-aged and elderly people as well as the younger generation who value health. Breaking away from the image of ‘bitter and sour drink’ associated with oriental tea, different types of herbal teas that delight even young tastes with different types of ingredients, as well as healthy desserts that’ n goes well with the tea made by CEO Kim Young -ran, you can take care of healing and health together. It’s a cafe like medicine.

When you open the door and enter the cafe, you are greeted by the aroma of herbal teas and fragrant flower teas. Those who have tasted oriental tea here are increasingly buying the product or visiting again. At Danwolae, you can enjoy an original herbal tea that takes into account individual taste and health. You can taste a variety of herbal teas and flower teas made with organic ingredients, as well as homemade refreshments, and Director Kim recommends appropriate teas for every season, composition, and physical condition. For this reason, more and more people visit this place by word of mouth, and many patients suffering from cancer also visit this place to heal and recover.

CEO Kim Young-ran said, “We need to take care of our body when it is healthy. Herbal tea works effectively in the body to stabilize the mind and body and can prevent various diseases of the immune system and the nervous system. As this process is repeated, the body and mind naturally relax and are able to maintain health.” “I want to give healing and healing to modern people who are tired of the body and mind through traditional herbal tea. I hope more people can drink the tea I make and stay healthy.” It is her hope that modern people who struggle with the pressures of life can conceive hope through laughter, leisure, rest and conversation with a cup of warm tea, like flowing water and an invisible wind, spreading the aroma of tea. I look forward to drop it.

A cup of herbal tea that suits my body is a lifelong medicine that not only purifies the body and mind, but also prevents and treats diseases. In today’s fast-paced life, isn’t what we’ve been longing for a momentary sympathy and sincere comfort? If you need a little healing in your everyday life, or if you want to enjoy tea and healthy snacks with your acquaintances, take a real break at ‘Danwolae’.

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