Home Entertainment “Dao Jai Phaijit” announces the sale of the hotel – Spa – Opera House 240 million with clear news broke.

“Dao Jai Phaijit” announces the sale of the hotel – Spa – Opera House 240 million with clear news broke.

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“Dao Jai Phaijit” announces the sale of a hotel – a luxury spa – Opera House with land in Sukhumvit area. Reducing from 300 million to 240 million will be spent to build temples and distribute employees. The subject answered directly. Is it really broken?

Causing a shock to follow after each other “Dr. Dao Jai Phaijit” The mother of the children’s music industry, Krung Thai Announced the sale of the business built with the hands of a luxury spa hotel and Opera House in Sukhumvit at a price of 240 million. “Chat Zap SHOW” on Channel 31 reveals the reason why he decided to sell all treasures. Both are things that you love and cherish.

“There are announcements for the sale of the Opera House. We have 3 businesses: Opera House, Hotel and Spa, which are in the same place, Sukhumvit 71, Soi Pridi Banomyong 14, next to the expressway, near the BTS, which we have done 10. Over the years now I want to retire myself. ”

“When we did it, we had a lot of love in this work. We want it to be an artist stand. The old model has almost no standing stage. This could be where they stand. Therefore named the band that the stars hang up in the sky And it was the refuge for a sick artist We also visited the fever. Under Luang Por Alongkot, Phrabat Namphu Temple He told us to do it. And always helped to support I have been doing this for almost 10 years and I intend to do it for 10 years and will find someone who is philanthropist like us to help. We can continue to work, or we can help manage, which is usually the patroness. There are many worshipers, such as Wat Phra Bat Namphu, Wat Sangkhathan, and we go to sit for Vipassana. Meditation at Udon every Saturday ”

“For example, last year, we have done 35 temples in Kathina, which we are not richer than anyone else. But because he left behind That is, no one is going to fry. Last year there was COVID, which was not the same. This year we have come to the contract. And then went to tell all 35 of the temples, which we used to give to our friends. That is, if we only come to manage here Merit making Will be inconvenient ”

Explain that selling the business because he wants to retire himself
“Yes, because we had intended it from the beginning. Now that we are 70 years old, sometimes I still think that I am 40, go and get it. Was said to be very strong That is, if someone comes to buy it or take it to the management Or come together to do our handshake, we will be lighter, because if we are older, we will not be able to go anywhere anymore. ”

Along with revealing the reasons for announcing the sale of the media In spite of the fact that people in the industry, most of the time they will sell what will be word of mouth Will rarely go out in the media
“Because we think it is our right And we have pure intentions We have always been doing it for others. Everyone knows that we are always thinking of others. Friends in the industry know that we are the martyrs, the opera house is considered a pho. It is the first Pig Accommodation of the artists. Therefore, what we have always done, everyone is proud. Today they still take care of each other. If we are going to come out for sale or change hands, there are 3 parts, there are opera houses, hotels and spas, we might buy some. Or you can buy them all but now is the promotion period ”

“Let’s say here in the first place. Because we’ve come out on this show and we watch it on a regular basis. But until the sale was announced for a long time Because there are artists who own an opera house, we think there shouldn’t be more than 3 people, and we are one of them. Although not great, we intend to mold it with a good feeling. There is everything, can accommodate 500 people, everything is clean and ready. ”

“We work in this field. We’ve done hundreds of shows, we’ve been here for 10 years, and we’re doing our best. But we already set the needle with ourselves that If we are at this age, we will retire, so we will declare that the money and the powerful philanthropists have faith in the artist. If talking about business Well done business here. Because in this alley there are 7 condos in the back of the house that have been sold out and are near the BTS. ”

To the question If someone else comes out to sell like this, there must be an embarrassment. But why are we not ashamed He said …
“We have not damaged anything. People will be ashamed. Only when we do the wrong thing We do the right thing, why are we embarrassed? But we have already analyzed it. We better tell the people. If a potential person can pick up the wood from us We are happy We can make more merit. The more people who have the same purpose as us, the better. Because now Daojai was also known as a saintly singer. Wherever you go, there are people who are flattering, who are great worshipers. And our family is a family of saints and grandparents. ”

The business is now closed according to measures to prevent COVID.
“This period is closed because we have to close according to the law system. Originally, we had the nicest restaurants, we had a theater, a spa, and a hotel.

In all businesses that are announced for sale The most disappointing opera house
“It’s a pity for the Opera House because it is our identity. We built it with our hands We expect that we will promote new and old artists. Both the old who are not sick yet He was recovered because he had performed at many of us. Children and young artists were born here. The artist of the generation has conveyed the subject here. That we have always done We are sorry because we do our best. But when the time comes when we aim to retire, we have to do it, otherwise we will not get anywhere. Will be worried about ”

So much bound to the tears during the interview.
“We are Buddha’s disciples. We also need to know what should be what should not. When the time comes when we deserve to lay our hands, we just hang up before we can’t. Now we can manage it all. In this situation, there are still many philanthropists who are waiting to help the artist. ”

To be very cherished But not stuck if someone buys it and takes it to do something else
“All of us must have no caveats. But we just expect that we will meet people who have ideologies like us. Or maybe you will find a junior artist who bought it. That is, he has already bought and will fix anything, it is his right. Because he already bought Today we just tell each other that The Dao Jai has a desire like this. Would like to say through the list In order for him to continue to tell Who will say? We don’t mind at all Our life is just this. Come and go empty-handed, return to empty-handed. But if we can use the rest of the time to do more merit Is merit to ourselves ”

Each month, we have to bear millions per month.
“Including 3 businesses, one month, about a million baht Because we do our best. Although ours are not the greatest When the situation changed, we narrowed it down a bit. But today, without COVID, we have exhibitions all the time. ”

“Costs a million more than baht There is an opera, a cook, a cook over there, just one cook’s fee, a month is already a hundred thousand. When we do, there are shows and food sales, and later we have been adapting to the current conditions. Until we have to separate the restaurant downstairs Show on top All items in Thailand There have never been any cases that have never been filmed here. Every show, we’ve come out. (How much do you have to pay during the last COVID per month?) Now it’s only 2-3 hundred thousand. ”

3 businesses reduced from 300 million to 240 million
“If anyone is interested, you can contact Daojai Is now we have a promotion from 300 million to 240 million only, plus 6 dogs (the current price is 240 million, but if he bargained for a loss?) This we can talk. Be earnest And the fake that came to tease Come tease us, don’t do it. It’s a sin. We talk for a reason That is, if you get the Dao Jai thing, it means that you have made great merit. ”

“The rest of the staff now have more than 10 people. But before, there are about 50 people, because there are just ten massage rooms, and then we do a spa. It is a very good recipe, soaked in water. Can cure Parkinson’s disease paresis ”

“Date of layoffs Asking how to tell him, everyone knows everything, it is already apparent. We do not have anything to hide. Not that we are not in trouble, we say that it is difficult. Is that everyone can see that we are selfless We are people who do not stick to the fortunes of wealth, that is, if you have money, choose to buy a brand-name bag. With helping people We ask for money to help better people. This one from the heart. ”

“Parents, grandfathers, and grandparents have always taught that we should not boast of wealth. It’s in our heart What we have to do is Making people to be people to help people to create people, no matter who comes in, we all help. Can do we always do We wish to show off the good We compete with ourselves for good deeds. Anything can be done, especially about the sustaining of Buddhism We have been doing it since we were little. He is a disciple of the Lord Buddha, grandfather and grandmother and grandmother are very religious. ”

“Everything has its own agenda. People will pick themselves up anyway. Some of them don’t actually work. Come and trick us there. Those people must go first. We think that good people are like gold. Good is gold For the remaining 10 people, we go anywhere together. That is, we will not release it. If we sell the business Then he wanted to go home from the countryside. But if he doesn’t want to go home country Where do we go? Because each person has lived together for more than half of their lives Because here we have lived since the age of 20 years, it is our original address that we have adapted the area to do business. ”

Stressing out on debt
“No problem with debt. It’s little The big problem is our physical health. Projects like this, if we meet the person he wants. We would be a lot lighter. (If someone comes to buy But let us manage as before, will we stick to anything?) We can help fully, everyone knows that we are serious and kind enough. Heal every word And even if he goes to do other things Is already his right Anyone interested can contact the phone number 081-931-4775 062-364-2445, whether they are all 3 projects or buy just one project, can talk to each other. Because it is not an easy thing to buy Everything had to be talked about. Came to see the area Can come see all documents ”

Saw that one thing to fear is Are you afraid of insiders waiting to maul?
“Do not be afraid, because people are not gossiped, there is no in the world. We are confident that we are doing the right way. Better than us going to label the front of the house Came out on this show, many people watched I have to hit the hearts of people who watch some. This one, we do the right thing, we are not afraid of anything. ”

Leave it to the person who said that he was broke
“I want to say Let’s go take care of your tank. Don’t have to look at our tanks Tank, anyone can tank it. We are confident that we have stood in the industry for more than 55 years, never causing damage to anyone. About money and gold, we have never been involved with anyone. We can stand gracefully. All of us are home, who are home to it. If he is conscious, he has to look at his own home first. Because we never messed with anyone The gossip of who is bad, we never thought. To slander a person is a sin, don’t do it. ”

Revealed if it sold 240 million, it would take the money to build a temple
“One part of us has to develop our address. And perhaps spending money to build a temple as a private temple Then the rest of our 40 children, everyone has to have money, we have to give away, and if something is not finished, then it is finished. “


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