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Dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky for the sacrifices and ambitions-Looking back at the Chinese Communist Party’s war years from the “Xinhua News Agency”-Chinanews.com

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 31st, title: For the sake of sacrifice and ambition, dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky-looking back on the Chinese Communist Party’s war years from the “Xinhua News Agency”

Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Jing, Liu Meizi, Tang Yang

A hundred years ago, China, in a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, was humiliated by its country, its people, and its civilization. The birth of the Communist Party of China became a great event that broke ground.

From the revolutionary period to the peaceful era, from reform and opening up to rejuvenation, “Xinhua News Agency” recorded the glorious course of the Chinese Communist Party’s unity and leadership of the people of all ethnic groups in the struggle for national independence, liberation, and the realization of national prosperity and people’s happiness.

Looking through the “Xinhua News Agency”, reviewing the historical moments of the Communist Party of China in the new democratic revolution, socialist revolution and construction, reform and opening up, and socialist modernization, and the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we review the great achievements of the party, Review the party’s historical experience and comprehend the party’s great spirit.

Great achievement: “The old China is dead, and the new China is born”

Modern China was devastated. The young Communist Party of China took up the banner of independent leadership of armed struggle and led the workers and peasants to establish a red regime under the name of the “Chinese Soviet Republic.”

On November 7, 1931, a 21-year-old telegrapher Liu Yin used the captured radio station to send a telegraph called “Yisu University” in Ruijin, Jiangxi.

In Ningdu County, more than 80 kilometers away, some officers and soldiers of the Kuomintang’s 26th Route Army “watched the Agrarian Revolution in the Soviet Area. Millions of peasants have obtained land and were liberated.” They “flashed the red flag and sent electricity to oppose the overthrow of imperialism.” Kuomintang warlords”. A few days later, the “Red China” newspaper, a team of people from the Red Central News Agency, published the news of the “Ningdu Uprising”.

The red radio waves convey the awakening and cry of a nation.

Defend the Soviets! From 1931 to 1935, the “Red China” newspaper used “calls from the front” several times to report the victory of the Soviet area’s anti-“encirclement and suppression” struggle and the victory of Zhiluo Town.

In 1936, after the Long March, arrived at the Red Central Society in northern Shaanxi. In the draft of “Supporting the Shaanxi-Gansu Red Army’s Eastern March, Striving to Fight Against Japan to the End”, it conveyed the anti-Japanese mobilization issued by the Communist Party of China to the whole of China: “All China’s Anti-Japanese War The people unite, for the glorious liberation of the Chinese nation, for the integrity of the sacred Chinese territory, let us shed our last drop of blood!”

That year, the anti-Japanese military parade was held at Qijiawan Square in Wayao Fort, and the “Red China” newspaper recorded the “majestic and heroic” on the scene.

The Chinese Communists were fighting at the forefront of the War of Resistance Against Japan, supporting the hope of saving the Chinese nation. Xinhua News Agency, which changed its name following the changes in the Anti-Japanese War situation, issued a front-line news story, recording the Pingxingguan Great Victory, the Hundred Regiment Battles, and the “Railway Team” on the Jinpu Railway Line and the “Landmine War” in the Jinchaji Border Region. The news of victory was encouraging. With military-civilian fighting spirit.

The pointer of history points to August 1945. On the 9th, Xinhua News Agency, Yan’an, broadcast a statement from Comrade Mao Zedong, calling on all anti-Japanese forces to “fight for the final victory.”

In the face of the all-out civil war provoked by the Kuomintang after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Communist Party of China led the soldiers and civilians in a bloody battle and won a great victory in the War of Liberation.

Xinhua News Agency, Hebei, Shandong and Henan Frontline, July 3, 1947, recorded that Liu and Deng’s army crossed the Yellow River with thousands of horses and horses.

Victory news spread frequently. Xinhua News Agency, April 22, 1948, “The brave Northwest People’s Liberation Army has regained Yan’an”; Xinhua News Agency, January 31, 1949, “The world-famous ancient cultural capital, with a population of more than two million Peking, today declared its liberation. “; Xinhua News Agency, Yangtze River Frontline at 22 o’clock on April 22, 1949, “The People’s Liberation Army millions of troops cross the Yangtze River”…

In September 1949, Hu Qiaomu, then president of the Xinhua News Agency, wrote “Old China is Perished, and New China is Born!” “The article pointed out that “from now on, people all over the world will see the Chinese people stand up with unprecedented bravery.”

Great spirit: shed the last drop of blood for the independence and freedom of the Chinese nation

The Communist Party of China, a political party that was born and acted for faith. Open a piece of “Xinhua News Agency” to gain a deeper understanding of the series of great spirits formed by the Chinese Communists in their long-term struggle.

From Zhao Yiman to Zuo Quan, from “Eight Women Casting to the River” to “Liu Laozhuang Lian” martyred, “Xinhua News Agency” recorded the Communists’ determination to shed the last drop of blood for the independence and freedom of the Chinese nation. They uphold the truth, uphold their ideals, fulfill their original aspirations, shoulder their mission, are not afraid of sacrifices, fight heroically, and are loyal to the party and live up to the people.

In the 1938 Xinhua News Agency manuscript “War on the Burning Mountain”, more than a thousand loyal soldiers told the enemy with blood stained all over the Burning Mountain: “Our beautiful mountains and rivers are not allowed to be easily entered by an inch.”

Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, January 16, 1949. “Heroes of October” recorded that the soldiers on the battlefield of the Liaoshen Campaign “the bunker was collapsed and turned to the trench to fight; the trench was flattened and jumped into the crater to hit the bullet; I hit it with a grenade if it’s all shot; hit it with a stone if it’s all shot.”

The power of faith brings the restoration of mountains and rivers, and it is the eternal spirit.

In September 1940, a Xinhua News Agency article on the Yanbei guerrilla fighter Li Lin wrote: “Seeing that the enemy has arrived, Li Lin is determined not to be a prisoner, so he uses the last bullet into his head…the sun shines all over. After the magnificent Yanbei mountains and wilds, the blood stained the clothing of the national martyrs.”

On November 5, 1941, Xinhua News Agency reported the “Five Heroes of Langya Mountain”. “‘There is only one way–‘ followed by a muffled voice:’Let’s jump off the cliff!’… Ge Zhenlin responded to the call of his party leader:’Let’s fight against Japan resolutely to the end. In order to defend the border area, it is also honorable for us to die. !’… The lonely sunset sprinkled on the bloody hillside.”

“Without hesitation, he held the explosive box with one hand, and opened the fuse with the other hand. In the blast of the sky, the bunker was blown up, and our outstanding Communist Party member, Comrade Dong Cunrui, was also immortal and sacrificed.” Xinhua News Agency Northeast 1948 On September 13, 2005, it recorded the moving story of Dong Cunrui’s death and blowing up the enemy’s bunker, opening the way for his comrades in advance.

Great revelation: “There is nothing wrong with going with the Communist Party”

Looking back at the “Xinhua News Agency”, one can deeply realize: Without the Communist Party of China, there would be no New China! History and the people chose the Communist Party of China in practice. Upholding the party’s strong leadership is the root of the victory of the revolution.

The people chose to follow the party closely. In 1932, the “Red China” newspaper “The masses of workers and peasants joined the Red Army enthusiastically” stated, “In the past month, nearly 10,000 people have joined the Red Army voluntarily.”

Persevering in the party’s command of guns and building its own people’s army is an unbreakable truth that the party has drawn in the struggle between blood and fire.

In February 1944, Xinhua News Agency, Taihang, 13th, wrote in “There is nothing wrong with walking with the Communist Party”: “The people in the Fendong area of ​​Fenxi only knew that’the Eighth Route Army is good and the Eighth Route Army does not deceive people.’ The burden is light. From this time against the’mopping up’, they have come to understand a truth:’There is nothing wrong with the Communist Party.’ It is the people’s saviour, and the road pointed out by the Communist Party is the way the masses should take.”

Looking back at the “Xinhua News Agency”, we can clearly see that the Communist Party of China has represented the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people since its inception, and it shares weal and woe with the people and is dependent on life and death.

On October 24, 1933, the “Red China” newspaper article “Consolidation and Development of Soviet Power in the Past Two Years” stated, “The Soviet government has repeatedly led the masses to step up spring ploughing, summer ploughing, autumn ploughing, opening up wasteland, setting up a grain adjustment bureau, and establishing cooperatives. , Running schools, running clubs, this is to improve the lives of the masses”, the line between the lines shows the original mission of the Communists.

The military and civilians built a copper wall and iron wall with one heart. On April 22, 1949, Comrade Mao Zedong wrote the majestic “People’s Liberation Army One Million Army Crossing the Yangtze River” for Xinhua News Agency. In the Anhui Museum, there is a small patched jacket, which was worn by the 14-year-old sister Ma Mao, who braved the bullets and bullets to transport the People’s Liberation Army across the river with a large number of boat workers.

Looking back at the “Xinhua News Agency”, we can clearly see that the Communist Party of China seeks truth from facts and constantly opens up a new realm of Sinicization of Marxism.

On May 1, 1945, Xinhua News Agency broadcasted the news of the Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China with the theme of “Unite the whole party, unite the whole nation, defeat Japan, and establish a new China!” At this conference, Mao Zedong Thought was established as the party’s guiding ideology and written into the party constitution.

On March 23, 1949, Xibaipo, before entering Beijing to “rush for the exam,” Xinhua News Agency reported on the convening of the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and delivered a major message from the Party Central Committee that the focus of the Party’s work has shifted from the countryside to the city. The plenum called on all comrades in the party to continue to maintain the style of being humble, cautious, not arrogant, not impetuous, and working hard,” and “use greater efforts to build a new China.”

Looking back at the “Xinhua News Agency”, we can clearly see: Dare to fight and dare to win is the invincible and powerful spiritual force of the Chinese Communist Party.

Xinhua News Agency, December 30, 1948, broadcast Comrade Mao Zedong’s New Year’s speech “Follow the Revolution to the End”, “Resolutely, thoroughly and completely eliminate all reactionary forces” and “establish a proletarian-led alliance of workers and peasants across the country. A People’s Democratic Dictatorship”.

Looking back at the “Xinhua News Agency”, we can clearly see that the Communist Party of China always attaches importance to strengthening its own construction and strictly observes the party’s discipline.

Xinhua News Agency, Zhongyuan, October 15, 1947, told the story of “Watermelon Brothers”. The reactionary army passed by the watermelon boss melon garden and “you rob me of it.” “After a while, there will be no more watermelon left in an acre of land.” Twenty days later, the people’s army passed by, “It doesn’t stop with its feet. Go forward,” the second son of the watermelon brought the watermelon. The soldiers replied, “Thank you, fellow! I won’t eat it.”

In Luoyang News Museum, Henan, a pocket watch is quietly placed in a showcase. Its story was written in Xinhua News Agency, April 17, 1948. In an unmanned business building, there is a pocket watch on the table, “a brand-new watch core with four jewels”, “there are many warriors coming and going. , The things upstairs are still intact,” because “discipline is conscious.”

“Chairman Mao Zedong of the People’s Republic of China, today announced the establishment of the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China in the capital of New China.” Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 1, 1949, witnessed the great historical moment of the founding ceremony.

The new democratic revolution was victorious. The Communist Party of China and the Chinese people solemnly declare to the world that the Chinese people have stood up since then, and the era when the Chinese nation was slaughtered and bullied is gone forever!


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