‘Darius Cosmic Leveration’, a side-scrolling shooter, is officially released today.

[자료제공: 세가퍼블리싱코리아]

Sega Publishing Korea today (18th) in Asia, Nintendo Switch exclusive software Released.

Silver side-scrolling shooting game In the series, 3D graphics are adopted. Wow Added a new element to the , The two titles of are included.

This small arcade version Was faithfully transplanted and started operating in 1997. Original resolution play and high resolution HD mode were added.

In addition, it is possible to reproduce the important point “processing delay” when playing this work, display various “gadgets” that are helpful in targeting the game, and added an immersive element “capture encyclopedia” using the capture system, which is a characteristic of this work.

Adding new elements Is a re-transplant version with the addition of the event mode, the first porting to a home game console. In operation in 2010 And for the first time, a total of 13 stages of’Event Mode’ included in the upgraded version of the title were ported for the first time.

In addition, 8 new event stages using 6 new songs by Shohei Tsuchiya were added, and an additional aircraft’Murakumo’, which could not be used in the arcade version, was released from all stages.

Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store Wow Each title is sold separately for download only.



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