Darvish shows off Nippon-Ham’s new uni appearance “Too good” “Foreshadowing of the return of Fighters?” Fan excitement: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On March 9, 2022, Yu Darvish, a pitcher belonging to MLB San Diego Padres, unveiled on Twitter the appearance of wearing a new uniform of Nippon-Ham Fighters.

  • Yu Darvish pitcher (Photo: ZUMA Press / Afro)

  • The new uniform of Nippon-Ham Fighters is released (from Twitter)

    The new uniform of Nippon-Ham Fighters is released (from Twitter)

  • Is it Tsukkomi to Sugiya's uni?  (From Twitter)

    Is it Tsukkomi to Sugiya’s uni? (From Twitter)

Which is the reading of “Sugiya”?

Pitcher Darvish posted a photo of wearing the white and light blue uniforms and hats that were adopted this season, along with the comment “The new uniforms for the Fighters have arrived”. He has posted the same photo on Instagram as “light and easy to wear”.

In the uniform of the old nest that was enrolled until 2011, “Daru-san’s new uni suits too much” “Waiting at the new stadium” “Foreshadowing of the fighters return?” “Jersey number 11 is empty”, expecting to return to the old nest Comments are also posted.

In the post, replica uniforms of Kenshi Sugiya, Naoyuki Uwasawa, and Naoki Miyanishi are also released. Among them, he commented on the image of Sugiya’s uniform, “I thought it was Sugitani.”

Sugiya’s reading is “Sugiya”, but the two have been friends since the Nippon-Ham era, and in the video of Darvish pitcher’s YouTube channel “Darvish Game Channel”, the game “Professional Baseball Spirits A” was played properly. I read “Sugiya”. “Sugitani” in this tweet seems to be “Ijiri” of Darvish pitcher.


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