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Anyone who is active in the world of sewing has definitely discovered the Prym Vario Creative Tool. In this blog post I would like to tell you in detail about this sewing gadget and show you what it can do, how it works and whether it is worth the money. I will show you the tool in a detailed YouTube video with many application examples and explain how it works:

The Prym Vario Creative Tool was presented by Prym at the H+H trade fair and presented to us sewing influencers at a blogger meeting. You can use the tool to attach eyelets, rivets, press studs and everything from Prym’s non-sew products. The tool not only looks very chic, but also comes with a variety of functions. In addition to the handy press, the delivery includes illustrated instructions, punching tools and length and width gauges.

What is special about the Vario Creative Tool is that it can attach eyelets up to 11 mm and even 14 mm, compared to the Vario pliers which can process eyelets up to 8 mm. The Creative Tool can also be used to attach tubular rivets, which was previously only possible with a hammer. The Vario Creative Tool therefore offers more possibilities and precision when working.

Eyelets of up to 14 mm can be attached with the Prym Vario Creative Tool. With the Vario pliers you have the possibility to insert eyelets up to 8 mm – the Creative Tool can also use 11 mm and 14 mm here. You can buy new tool sets for this. The illustrated instructions provide helpful instructions.

The tool enables the attachment of rivets and tubular rivets. This is an absolute game changer and was previously only possible with a hammer. For example, you can use jeans rivets to repair pants. Tubular rivets can also be attached to bags or leather straps without any problems. In a future project I will show in detail how to attach tubular rivets to a bag using the Vario Creative Tool.

The tool is ideal for attaching snaps. I used it to attach Color Snaps to a document case. In addition, other snaps such as anorak snaps or jersey snaps are easy to attach. Even small snaps and the delicate prongs of the jersey snaps are no problem for the press and it is amazingly easy to achieve really straight and perfect results.

The Prym Vario Creative Tool convinced me. It’s a game changer in many ways: push buttons and co. can be attached very precisely and perfectly thanks to the non-slip stand of the tool, the ergonomic handle and the simple power transmission (you need much less power than with the Vario pliers). As with the Vario pliers, the distance under the press is not extremely large, so you can use the tool primarily for attaching eyelets and the like. suitable near the edge. That’s the case with most projects. For the rare cases of snaps, rivets and co. then we recommend the tripod in combination with the creative hammer.

Anyone who rarely comes into contact with eyelets, snap fasteners and rivets will certainly get by with the Vario pliers once they get the hang of the power transmission. If you often implement such projects or even have a small business, I can only warmly recommend the press! The versatility of the Prym Vario Creative Tool is amazing – you’ve seen it: whether it’s clothing for adults, children’s clothing, bags or accessories – the Prym Vario Creative Tool can be used anywhere and now also with large eyelets, rivets and tubular rivets. I’m definitely a big fan!


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