Data miners discovered that new weapons will be added. And even more new characters in Evil Dead: The Game.

It launched beautifully and received a good response for Evil Dead: The Game.

And from now on, it’s about future content. That there will be something new that will allow players to continue to enjoy the game? By skilled data miners, they discovered that in the future, Ruby characters and new weapons will be added to play within the game.

Ruby is a character from Ash vs. Evil Dead and has not played a role or appeared in the base game. which many fans of the game are also wondering Why is she not playing a role in the game?

Several new weapon files have also been discovered, including the Minigun, the Harpoon, and the Flamethrower, the flamethrower, as well as adding the final story mission where we will fight Eligos.

There is still something new waiting to add more fun to players with Evil Dead: The Game. Anyone interested can find this game now on console and PC (Epic Games Store).

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