Date Address Launch of Court Television Court; Registered Programs - Deadline

KEY: Katz Networks, a unit of E.W. Scripps Co., after May 8 set up for the relaunch of Court TV's iconic television brand, and revealed its programming schedule for the network as well as

Weekly programs at EDT 9 AM will commence each day with live, short coverage, legal reporting and expert analysis of trials nationwide. Yodit Tewolde will secure trial coverage from 9 AM-Noon, Julie Grant comes up from average 3 PM, and then Seema Iyer from 3-6 PM, EDT always. The first trial covering the network will be announced shortly.

When court courts arrive for the day, Emmy, former prosecutor and television anchor of the Vinnie Politan Court, the legal journalist will host Final Arguments with the Vinnie Politan weekly nights from 6-9 PM ET. It will lead the audience through key events and moments of the legal day, and Court TV's anchor staff, legal correspondents and crime and justice journalists as well as the main solicitors, investigators and experts who will give insights, opinions, legal discussions and t debate.

“What is the SportsCenter in sport, there will be closed arguments worldwide,” said Politan. “The audience's highlights each night of the trial we will be attending will also give you a chance to tick three other news stories of the day. After our full-scale trial envelope, it must be looked at for those who want to keep up with everything that happens in our nation's legal system and courtrooms. ”

The Court TV team of Chanley, Ted Rowlands and Julia Jenaé have a team of legal correspondents and reporters. Former Court television and CNN producers, John Alleva and Scott Tufts, are vice-presidents and managing editors.

For almost two decades, Court TV gave high-profile courtroom plays into American living rooms with trials like O.J. Simpson, the Menendez Brothers and Casey Anthony. The new Court TV will take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will be carried on cable, satellite, over and over the air. The network has agreements with local television station groups including Tribune, Scripps and Univision. These dealings will result in the Court being available in more than 50% of US television households at the launch, with 25% of the homes being connected to cable. New TV markets include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Washington and Detroit; Further distribution agreements will be announced prior to launch.

During its prime years in the 1990s and early 2000s, TV TV, now owned by Turner, was a desirable target and a hatchery of significant camera and executive room talent. His on-air personalities included Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams, Catherine Crier and Terry Moran and Henry Schleiff (including Discovery group president), Erik Sorenson (who went on to MSNBC lead) and Evan Shapiro (producer and former). IFC and Pivot cable networks leader). Court TV's 17 years ended in 2008, when Turner rebranded as a truTV.

In order to achieve the resume, Katz acquired Court TV's intellectual property, including the trademark, the website and a 100,000-hour library from Turner.

See the Court's new TV promo below.

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