Daughter ‘gap investment’ and father ‘redevelopment pledge’


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There is a 30-year-old woman who bought a row house with a charter.

This is the so-called gap investment.

Two years later, the woman’s father ran as a candidate for mayor, and he went to the area and pledged to promote redevelopment.

The father in this story is former lawmaker Shin Sang-jin, a candidate for the People’s Power Seongnam Mayor.

Correspondent Kim Sang-hoon.

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The old downtown area of ​​Jungwon-gu, Seongnam, where four to five-story row houses are lined up.

There are many dilapidated houses built in the early 1990s, so there is hope for redevelopment.

It is said that there is a lot of demand for ‘gap investment’ because you can buy a house for tens of millions of won if you use a jeonse.

One of them is a row house.

According to the registration, the owner is Shin Mo, who was born in 1990.

In July 2020, I bought this 38-square-meter house for 175 million won.

It is a typical ‘gap investment’ method, in which, after ten days of the contract, the charter was paid for 120 million won and actually only 50 million won was spent.

Shin’s father is a candidate for Seongnam Mayor Shin Sang-jin, who served as a four-term lawmaker in the region.

At the time of the contract, Shin’s daughter, a 30-year-old graduate student, lived in an officetel in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, and still lives in Seoul.

A local real estate agent said that he sold 90 similar properties in three months, and the market price has risen by more than 100 million won now.

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However, Candidate Sang-Jin Shin held a redevelopment meeting with the residents of this neighborhood twice recently.

At a meeting last week, when the residents said, “I believe that you will solve the redevelopment problem,” he replied, “I will surely repay you with a market of hope that solves reconstruction and redevelopment.”

[간담회 참석자]

“That’s what the candidate said. ‘I’ll find a way to redevelop it within 2030’…”

The area for redevelopment promised by Candidate Shin includes a row house invested by her daughter.

Candidate Shin explained in a phone call with MBC, “I bought it for the purpose of living when my daughter received 50 million won from her grandmother to get a job.”

[신상진/국민의힘 성남시장 후보]

“I had all the money I received from my grandmother, so I thought I would live after graduating from graduate school and get a job, so I rented a…

He also emphasized that he promised to redevelop several places in the Seongnam area as well as the area, and that it had nothing to do with the purchase of his daughter’s house.

However, when the conflict of interest problem was pointed out, candidate Shin said, “I will sell the house if I am elected,” and then texted again, saying, “I put it out to sell to real estate.”

This is Kim Sang-hoon from MBC News.

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