Daughters of Kevin Jonas' Supported Their Dad with a Custom Concert Fit - PHOTO

Daughters of Kevin Jonas' Supported Their Dad with a Custom Concert Fit - PHOTO

In case you are unaware, the Jonas Brothers are on a journey after a very long break. Since their tour in 2013, each brother has done their best, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas have done their best in other music projects, while Kevin Jonas has started a family. He and his wife Danielle Jonas have two children from his last trip: Alena, born in 2014, and Valentina, born in 2016. And on August 18, Kevin Jonas' daughters supported their father on a journey, and it's so attractive to see him. And not just by being there, but by wearing matching dresses with a personal message putting their father in.

Alena and Valentina never saw their father playing on stage with his brothers before the album and this trip to come together, so it's a pretty nice trip, as you can imagine. In its documentary, t Chasing Happiness, Kevin received emotional thinking about Alena and Jonas Brothers being premiered. "Being able to see her in that audience, I see the best thing I have done for a long time … I know her as her father, she doesn't know the great person," said it. Now that the trip is good on its way, the Jonas Brothers have seen a lot of time by Alena and Valentina. And, at a recent stop, they decided to spend their support on their father on their sleeves – literally.

Danielle shared the sweet photo on Instagram, showing the two girls in matching purple dresses and white bows, with the words “Not just kicking Kevin's Dad” on the front, according to Danielle's caption.

In an interview with him Entertainment Tonight on 8 August, Kevin told them how incredible it is to share this experience with his daughters. "Yesterday my girls showed the first time they never saw the backstage and they got some special things for the road and they were very rough they ever thought, so I'm delighted to see this first time "tonight," he said. Of course, it has to be much different than the journey that existed for the musician in the past, but he is here for him, so his daughters are. " , but we are enjoying every single minute, "he continued." The girls showed yesterday and went into Nick's uncle and Joe's uncle and we were just like, we're here. You know, they are ready to go. "

Alena and Valentina discovered their father and their uncles to see first functioning properly before the Jonas Brothers went on a trip. They attended Carnival of the Jonas Brothers Sonas in New York City in June, hosted by Spotify, and have been members of the JoBros audience since then.

No all however Kevin and his girls had a smooth sailing. It happened that Alena knew about her whole class before the world that it was worthwhile for the congregation of Jonas Brothers. “We wanted to keep it secret for a year in essence,” said Nick The Tonight Show. “We were making this documentary, making the album. And we like, ‘We got this locked. No one can say. 'Kevin comes home and says,' Guys, Alena told her the whole class. it surprised everyone, so he worked out.

Now that the band has a few shows, Alena and Valentina have seen their father and uncles, and if this new photo shows, they are loving.

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