David Beckham Reveals the Impact of Messi Joining Miami International and the Role of Apple in the Negotiations

Superstar Lionel Messi Joins Miami International

By Xiaozhong, Sports Weekly All-Media Reporter

June 7 marked a historic day in the world of soccer as Lionel Messi, the legendary Argentine forward, announced his decision to join Miami International. This revelation sent shockwaves throughout the sports community, making it a truly momentous occasion. The impact of Messi’s move was immediately evident when one of the owners of Inter Miami, David Beckham, woke up to an overwhelming surge of approximately 1 million messages flooding his mobile phone.

During a recent seminar called “Lessons in Leadership,” former England star Beckham candidly shared his initial reaction to the news, stating, “A few weeks ago, I woke up to find an astonishing 1 million messages waiting for me on my phone. I couldn’t believe it! Suddenly, I heard Leo’s announcement that he was joining Miami. Surprisingly, I wasn’t taken aback by the news.”

Beckham further emphasized his long-standing commitment to Miami International, asserting, “From the very beginning, I made a promise to bring the best players to Miami, regardless of their career stage. Our loyal fans deserve nothing less. So, when I heard that one of the all-time greatest players, if not the greatest, who has achieved everything there is to in soccer, still in his prime and performing at the highest level, wanted to be a part of our team, it was an incredible moment for us.”

In an exclusive interview with Spain’s renowned publication “National Newspaper,” Jorge Mas, another owner of Miami International, shed light on the extensive process of pursuing Lionel Messi and shed light on the reasons behind his decision.

Jorge Mas disclosed, “As early as 2019, we started contemplating how we could secure Messi’s services. We firmly believed that his arrival could transform Major League Soccer into the second or third best league in the world. Messi’s ambition to make a mark beyond the confines of traditional football was evident. Furthermore, he aspires to have an active role in the club following his retirement, much like Beckham and Michael Jordan.”

Delving into the negotiation process, Jorge Mas stated, “We engaged in discussions spanning three years, with intensive conversations lasting about a year and a half. I had numerous conversations with Messi’s father, Jorge. At the end of May, we felt like everything was falling into place. Beckham primarily focused on ensuring a smooth transition from a sporting perspective, as he was still an active player and wished to avoid any unnecessary pressure. Our talks took us to Barcelona, Rosario, and even Doha—the journey was truly fascinating. I was with Argentina throughout the World Cup in Qatar.”

Unveiling the financial aspects of the deal, it was revealed that Messi stands to earn a staggering annual salary ranging from €50 million to €60 million at Inter Miami, thanks to the involvement of tech giant Apple.

Jorge Mas revealed, “Messi’s earning potential, which hovers between €50 million and €60 million per year, was instrumental in the negotiations. Apple’s role cannot be discounted, especially with regards to the broadcast rights of Major League Soccer. The inclusion of Apple TV+ in the deal means that a portion of the subscription revenue will go to Messi. Additionally, he will also enjoy a share of the profits generated from kit sales.”

Wrapping up the interview, Jorge Mas emphasized the importance of the partnership with Apple, stating, “Securing a contract with Apple proved crucial in attaining Messi’s services. The negotiations with Apple progressed remarkably well, with all parties’ interests clearly defined. It is only fair that Messi, a player nurtured on American soil, ultimately reaps the benefits. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Reported by Xiaozhong, an all-media reporter from Sports Weekly

On June 7, Messi announced that he would be joining Miami International. That day, after waking up in the morning and turning on his mobile phone, Beckham, one of the owners of Inter Miami, received about 1 million messages. This is enough to prove the huge impact of Messi joining Miami International.

Recently, speaking at the seminar “Lessons in Leadership” (Leadership Course), former England star Beckham revealed: “A few weeks ago, I woke up and found that there were about 1 million messages on my mobile phone. I was like : “What’s happening? I’ve never had so many messages. “All of a sudden, I heard Leo come out to announce that he was coming to Miami. Obviously, that didn’t surprise me.”

Beckham also said: “In the beginning, I said, if I get the chance, I will bring the best players to Miami, no matter what stage of their career they are in. For our fans, I have always believed in this commitment..So when I hear one of the best players ever, maybe the best player because he won it all, he’s still a great player, young, still doing everything he did, listen He said he wanted to come and play with us and it was a great moment for us.”

In an interview with Spain’s “National Newspaper”, Jorge Mas, another owner of Miami International, talked about the long process of chasing Messi and explained what was causing Messi.

Jorge Maas said: “In 2019, we started thinking about how we could get him. Messi could turn Major League Soccer into the second or third best league in the world. I think he wants to make his mark and he can do it outside the world. football too. When he retires he will have a part in the club. I think Messi’s life after retirement will be similar to Beckham’s and Michael Jordan’s life very similar. “

Jorge Maas also said: “Talk about three years, a year and a half of talking a lot. I talked a lot with Messi’s father, Jorge. At the end of May, I think it was settled. Beckham only talked about sports with him. stuff because he was still playing and he didn’t want to feel under pressure. We talked in Barcelona, ​​​​Rosario, Doha… I was with Argentina throughout the World Cup in Qatar.”

According to Jorge Maas, at Inter Miami, Messi can earn 50 to 60 million euros a year, thanks to Apple.

Jorge Maas said: “Messi earns between 50 million and 60 million euros a year, and Apple has played an important role in the negotiation process. It owns the broadcast rights of Major League Soccer, the streaming platform Apple TV+ will be part of’ The income from subscriptions goes to Messi, and he will also receive a share of the income from shirt sales.”

Jorge Maas finally said: “In order to get Messi, the contract with Apple is very important. The negotiations with Apple have progressed very well, and the interests of all parties have been clarified. If a ball -foot growing in the United States, Messi will eventually. he will benefit. That’s fair.”

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