David De Gea’s Career Hangs in the Balance as Clubs Show Lack of Interest

De Gea’s Career in Doubt as Teams Dismiss Transfer Rumors

Goalkeeper Faces Uncertain Future Despite Injury

Speculations about the future of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea have been put to rest as two Spanish teams, including Real Betis, have denied any interest in signing the 32-year-old player. Although the number one goalkeeper of Real Betis, Rui Silva, is currently injured and expected to be out for four weeks, manager Manuel Pellegrini has stated that De Gea will not be brought in as a replacement. This decision seems to be influenced by the team’s need for younger goalkeepers, as both Silva and backup goalkeeper Claudio Bravo are approaching their thirties and forties, respectively.

In other news, Al-Nasser, a club based in Saudi Arabia, has reportedly shown interest in acquiring De Gea for the upcoming season. However, discussions regarding a potential move have been put on hold as De Gea focuses on his current commitments with Manchester United.

Rumors suggest that Manchester United is considering recruiting Pickford-Costa as their goalkeepers, potentially signaling the end of De Gea’s tenure with the team. The decision seems to be influenced by tactical reasons, as the club recently acquired Andre Onana from Inter Milan after a successful 12-year journey with De Gea between the posts.

De Gea’s name has been linked with several major clubs in the past, including Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid. However, teams looking for a goalkeeper who excels with his footwork have reportedly opted for other options.

Even with lucrative offers, such as Al Hilal’s proposed salary of £375,000 per week, De Gea’s wife, Edurne Garcia, seems to play a significant role in influencing his decision-making. Reports suggest that Garcia, a 37-year-old singer who is five years older than De Gea, prefers to stay away from certain destinations, such as oil-rich countries. Consequently, De Gea’s potential move to Valencia or any other interested club remains uncertain.

The couple, who recently tied the knot after the expiration of De Gea’s contract, has a 2-year-old daughter. Garcia has previously expressed her dislike for Manchester, comparing it unfavorably to Madrid in terms of attractiveness, location, and weather. It is evident that her opinion carries weight when it comes to deciding De Gea’s next career move.

With Garcia’s influence and De Gea’s commitment to family, it would not be surprising to witness a shift in priorities. Clubs in Spain or other countries might find themselves considering De Gea as a full-time caregiver rather than a goalkeeper, as he takes on responsibilities such as taking his child to school instead of receiving the ball.

Compiled by: Wisit Kanchanophat, Sports Management Lecturer, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Chakrabongse Bhuwanat Campus

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It looks like David de Gea has been out of work for so long that he has to hang up his gloves. I stopped playing because I had to please my wife.

After the latest news came out at the end of last week with two teams in Spain, starting with Real Betis, the team finally came out to deny it. Although number 1 goalkeeper Rui Silva is seriously injured and will have to rest for 4 weeks, with the conclusion that if De Gea comes in, he may need the same amount of time. Calling for fitness, manager Manuel Pellegrini revealed it was not necessary. For a team that must have three older goalkeepers, with Silva at 29, De Gea at 32 and Claudio Bravo at 40.

Al-Nasser is interested in making an offer to sign De Gea for the new season.

David de Gea posted a photo of him leading his girlfriend to a wedding ceremony. Before discussing the future with Manchester United

“Manchester United” is interested in recruiting “Pickford-Costa” to be goalkeepers instead of De Gea.

As you know After the end of the 12 year journey, the Red Devils decided to buy Andre Onana from Inter Milan for tactical reasons.

He himself has been linked with many big names, including Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and the “White King” Real Madrid, but like all teams. It is said that the goalkeeper will be chosen. You can use your feet better than him.

Even with Al Hilal, who were willing to earn a salary of up to 375,000 pounds a week, De Gea probably wouldn’t have been allowed by his beautiful wife, Eduna Garcia, to go digging for oil. In the end, the lottery went out. In Yasine Bono from Valencia, another club that has rumors of an interest in De Gea, but with the giant red body of the bat. So choose to buy the future with a young 22-year-old goalkeeper of the national team of Georgia, like Gianluigi Mamardas Willi.

It is said that the main reason for the decision When choosing the team, should come from Edurne Garcia, a 37-year-old singer who is 5 years older than De Gea. The couple have a 2-year-old daughter and have just held a wedding on that last day De Gea’s contract with the Red Devils expires At the end of last month She expressed her opinion in 2008 on a television station in Spain, saying that Manchester is uglier than the back of a fridge. which is in the past She lives in Madrid. And just came to give support to the goalkeeper, the love of the younger generation, back and forth only, and to say that too Manchester is an unattractive city, in terms of location and weather. Not like in Spain It’s like hell. I don’t know why I’m here. If you are not coming to support De Gea.

With this interview It would not be surprising. If we believe that women in this house will be the leader, it is unintentional if there are no clubs in Spain or any country that Sriwilai is interested in. We might see De Gea as a full-time butler. instead of receiving the ball You have to take your child to school instead.

Compiled by: Wisit Kanchanophat, Lecturer, Sports Management, Faculty of Liberal Arts Rajamangala University of Technology Chakrabongse Bhuwanat Campus


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