“Dawn of the East” starts broadcasting today Zhang Jiayi, Liu Tao and Li Zefeng live reproduce the historical picture of “War in Shanghai”

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Created by famous director Gao Xixi and well-known screenwriters Long Pingping and Qin Qin, starring Zhang Jiayi, Liu Tao, Li Zefeng, Qiao Zhenyu, and starring Feng Shaofeng, Tong Lei, Ying Er, Zuo Xiaoqing, the great revolutionary drama “Dawn o’r Dhyrein” Tonight (December) 23) officially lands on CCTV prime time-1.

As one of the key projects of the State Administration of Radio and Television “Celebrating the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China – Our New Era”, “Dawn of the East” takes the first year of Shanghai’s liberation as a starting point, showing the audience how Shanghai is in an urgent need for recovery and development. Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, it is a historical poem that has gradually recovered from a situation where the people are in dire straits and the flames of war are raging. The main creators of the whole drama follow the principle of creating big revolutionary themes of “the big things are true, and the small things are not limited” In the plot of flesh and blood, combining fiction and reality, shows the original mission of the communicants to seek renewal for the nation and happiness for the people.

  Following in the footsteps of the ancestors, the stars shine in the “War in Shanghai”

Director Gao Xixi said that in order to follow the footsteps of the ancestors and show the behavior of great men, the principle of choosing actors for “Dawn of the East” is “form and spirit, with god as the main focus”, focusing on embodying the spirit and soul of the characters. Having gathered three generations of powerful actors, old, middle-aged and young, the stars shine, recreating the magnificent historical picture of “Battle Shanghai”.

From today’s official release of the “Age of Era” character poster, we can see that Zhang Jiayi plays Chen Yi, an older generation of revolutionaries and the first mayor of Shanghai in the drama. He was ordered in the face of danger, from commanding the army to taking over Shanghai and stabilizing the general situation, he is the “sacred needle” of the whole drama. Liu Tao plays the role of “Ji Nanyin”, an economist sent to Shanghai to assist Mr. Chen. Li Zefeng played “Lu Xiuyuan”, the secretary of the mayor Chen Yi, and Qiao Zhenyu played “Tian Guoli”, a secret agent lurking inside the enemy. The interesting character settings sparked the audience’s curiosity.

In addition, Feng Shaofeng and Ying Er will play the husband and wife again as special stars, and jointly perform the wonderful move of Rong Yiren and his wife; special stars Tong Lei and Zuo Xiaoqing will play Zhuo Lin and Zhang Qian respectively. excellent lineup and casting form and spirit make “Dawn of the East” highly anticipated. And today’s big move by all the main creators to “sun their bags” and go to Shanghai made this “Shanghai Storm” even hotter before it started.

How “Dawn of the East” presents historical pieces on the screen, such as the battle of silver dollars, the “two white and one black” battle of rice cotton coal, fighting against thieves, eliminating enemy agents, fighting typhoons, and solve the “big bombing” crisis? And how should the communists dispel the lies of imperialism and Kuomintang reactionaries, overcome many difficulties and break through the dilemma of governance? These questions raise the audience’s deep anticipation.

  Look back at the past, revisit the “big test of the party” and feel the power of the ancestors

In 1949, facing a country full of holes and poverty, how to develop social productivity in a short period of time, change the poverty and poverty of China, and revive the glory and glory that once belonged to a nation has become was a huge challenge for the Communists. problem.

The TV series “Dawn of the East” focuses on the “big test” for the Communist takeover of Shanghai and the construction of Shanghai after the liberation of Shanghai. Under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee, the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Chen Yun and Chen Yi are strong and courageous, leading a revolutionary team of the new era that dares to fight and take risks, with knowledge and wisdom . , vigorously reform the economy and improve people’s livelihoods, Develop culture and education. Under the circumstances that international public opinion is not generally optimistic, the Chinese Communist Party has spent more than a year to “renovate the old look” of Shanghai, and show the Chinese people and the world “why the Communist Party can” with practical results.

We are not afraid of difficulties in tackling difficulties, and we are the mainstay. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries Chen Yun and Chen Yi are the souls of the whole play. During Chen Yi’s time as the mayor of Shanghai, he did everything from price calming to market research, typhoon relief, an anti-barrier thrift drive, factory relocation, and refugee evacuation. The Shanghai municipal government under his leadership made the citizens of Shanghai suffer from the turmoil feeling warm and safe for the first time through hard work and actions. The political wisdom, compassion for the people and the active spirit of the revolutionary ancestors will always light the way forward for the great revival of the Chinese nation.

In the first and second episodes to be broadcast tonight, the communist Li Bai sacrificed his life for justice and was quietly arrested, but how to save Li Bai and escort Huang Yanpei out of Shanghai has become a difficult problem to the communists. In Shanghai on the eve of dawn when the undercurrent is turbulent, how will the core of the Party Central Committee, thousands of kilometers away, confidently prepare to launch a general attack across the river, and how will it plan the road to relief carefully. ? The answer will be revealed tonight!

When reminiscing about the past and embarking on a journey, hold on to the past and open up the future before you start. The Propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China directly proposes and leads the creation, produced by CCTV, Shanghai Radio and Television Station, Shanghai Shangshi Film Co, Ltd, Horgos 201 Lu Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Cultural Industry (Film and Television) Investment Co., Ltd., Baijincheng Film Media Group Co., Ltd., Xi’an Film Studio, Beijing Wentou Drama Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Shanghai People’s Publishing Produced House, and Xuelin Publishing House together the great revolutionary drama “Dawn of the East”. CCTV-1 will start broadcasting at prime time in the evening, and Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, Migu Video, and BesTV will broadcast at the same time, so stay tuned!