Dawning Style Table Tennis Athletic Exhibition Everyone “Compete Together” to Promote Regional Friendship 2023 Dawning Region “Compete Cup” Table Tennis China

Source Title: All Talent Style Table Tennis Athletics Exhibition “Compete Together” to Promote Regional Friendship 2023 Talent Region “Compete Cup” Table Tennis Tournament

2023 Shuguang “Competition Cup” Table Tennis Tournament

In order to improve the health level of residents, publicize and popularize the knowledge of fitness sports, and stimulate the enthusiasm of fitness enthusiasts, on June 3rd, Shuguang Street held the “Table Tennis Athletics Exhibition Style, Everyone Participates in Promoting Friendship” in Shuguang District in 2023 More than 100 table tennis enthusiasts from 28 teams from enterprises, institutions, colleges and universities, street offices and communities took part in the competition.


Li Xuan, deputy director of the sub-district office, delivered a speech for the event.


Anticipating everyone, Pei Lijie, deputy secretary of the Street Party Executive Committee and director of the office, announced the start of the competition.


The District Sports Bureau, Shuguang Sub-district and regional unit leaders, and guests held rackets and started the game together.


The “Competition Cup” table tennis competition is divided into five groups: men’s singles youth group, men’s singles middle-aged group, women’s singles youth group, women’s singles middle-aged group and mixed doubles group.


Break, pull, block, break…Under the “command” of a series of offensive and defensive actions, the small table tennis ball bounces back and forth, “igniting” the passion of players and spectators on the table. The atmosphere at the game site was hot, and the balls flying up and down attracted everyone’s attention and attention.


Athletes think of countermeasures in the transition from offense and defense, show their behavior in the step forward and retreat, celebrate with high fives when they win, and slap shoulders for encouragement when they lose The adventurous spirit of sports shows spirit unity and hard work in Shuguang district.



After more than 100 games of intense competition, the champion, second place and third place from each group were finally competing. Athletes wear their medals, hold up trophies, and convey the charm of sport with the brightest smiles.

For a long time, Shuguang Street has actively organized various cultural and sports activities, built a communication and interaction platform in the jurisdiction, improved the physical fitness of the residents in the jurisdiction, and enriched the cultural and sports life of the residents. In the next step, the street will take this competition as an opportunity to continue to implement the “Regulations on National Fitness”, open the curtain to create the Beijing National Fitness Exhibition Street, and mobilize the whole society to participate in the National Fitness. to improve physical fitness and boost spirits, gather strength, vigorously promote sports fashion, and strive to create a healthy, sunny and positive regional atmosphere.

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