Dax aktuell: Downward movement in the Dax continues: real estate companies lose significantly

Dusseldorf The Dax can not stop the downtrend: At the beginning of the week, the German leading index starts with a loss of 0.5 percent at 11,554 points in the trade. And according to chart technology, further price losses are likely.

US President Donald Trump once The capital markets are shaken again, albeit with sharper rhetoric, After all, he had equated the US Federal Reserve and China and declared them to be enemies of the American people. By doing so, he immediately struck two of the biggest lenders in the US.

And poured on the weekend both parties continue to add fuel to the fire: A White House spokeswoman said US President Donald Trump regrets not having tightened the punitive tariffs on Chinese goods. A commentary from a pro-government Chinese newspaper said the country would never waver in its position to counter all provocations on the US side. "

The trigger for Trump's "Ausraster" on Twitter on Friday was China's decision to impose new punitive tariffs. "It is dawning on the US president that his aggressive nature may be able to impress Mexico in the trade dispute, but China is a different league," commented asset manager Markus Schön.

"Like any average sociopath, Trump fits but do not follow his strategy, but continue to do the same. "For him, it is not about the success of the United States or even a peaceful world community, but only for his personal benefit. Trump did not want to lose his constituency.

"Trump is ready for his Fight to sacrifice the capitalist order of the United States", Says Ulrich Leuchtmann, foreign exchange expert of Commerzbank. But for him it is clear: "The payday comes when the president of his trade policy on its feet and he has to mobilize everything wants to" show "before the election date yet (apparent), successes.

In his view the trade war becomes more radical, as you can imagine him. The collateral damage – especially for the US economy – could become significant.

Accordingly, the euro was already up 1.5 cents against the dollar on Friday. Even today, the euro remains above $ 1.14. "It can become quite volatile in the near future," predicts Leuchtmann. This is already the case today: The Turkish lira loses more than one percent to the start against the euro, the Chinese yuan just under 0.8 percent in early trading.

Also the Yields on the bond markets are slipping towards all-time lows, For German government bonds with a term of ten years, this value slid to minus 0.705 percent at the opening of trading. Currently, the return is minus 0.674 percent.

Fearing a global recession in the face of the US-China tariff dispute, gold investors are covering themselves. The price of the "anti-crisis currency" is up 1.9 percent to a six-and-a-half-year high of $ 1,554.56 per troy ounce.

Another burden for the Stock market are the plans of the Berlin state government. Apartments in Berlin should not cost more than just under eight euros per square meter in the coming years. This is what the draft for the rental cover planned by the Senate foresees. Thereafter, depending on the first occupancy and equipment of the apartment cold rent from 3.42 to 7.97 euros are possible.

Who pays more – in the city center, such apartments are rented for 15 euros and more – may require a reduction to the said maximum rent, as soon as the rent cover comes into force. The regulations should apply to all rented apartments. Exceptions apply, for example, to publicly subsidized housing construction, student and youth residences or new buildings that were ready for occupancy for the first time in 2014.

"When planning your wealth: Never get off!"

That's true of course Quotes of listed real estate companiesalso because many did not believe that the Senate intervenes in existing contracts. The result: Vonovia minus 1.2 percent, ADO Properties minus three percent, Deutsche Wohnen minus 3.9 percent and Grand City Properties minus 1.2 percent.

Indications of the extent to which the trade conflict is already reflected in the real economy, should supply the Ifo index in the morning. It reflects the mood in the German executive floors. For the Ifo, however, to influence the development on the financial markets, it would have to lag far behind the estimates. In addition, the US orders for durable goods.

Look at the individual values

Deutsche Bank: The stock losses continue: After the significant minus last Friday, the stock loses today 0.2 percent to the prelude. As has been published, Deutsche Bank reviewed options for its Swiss equities business into early summer. A remarkable step for the banking landscape.

Thyssen-Krupp: The confidence of the investors in the merger with the steel trader Klöckner is dwindling. The stock loses 0.2 percent at the start. Maybe such could happen a merger between two market leaders will again raise antitrust concerns, as in the case of the steel merger with Tata Steel Europe.

What the charting says

The recovery rally since the low in August with then 11,266 points is over. Although the leading index in the wake of this wave could rise to 11,853 points, but had to give up the resistance to this mark.

Now another downswing has started. According to charting technology, the focus will initially be on two brands: the 11,559 points as a 50 percent correction to the 11,266 points increase to 11,853 points. More important is the maximum correction of the increase, which is 11,490 meters. Among them may also be expected with lows below 11,266 meters. In the opinion of the freelance charting technician Holger Struck, this should be the cheap shopping of the late summer of 2019. However, investors should also include short-term slips under this mark.

Look at the stock exchanges in Asia and the USA

The Dow Jones Index of Standards closed 2.4 percent lower at 25,628 points. The broader S & P 500 lost 2.6 percent to 2847 points. The index of the technology exchange Nasdaq collapsed by 3.0 percent to 7751 points. In a weekly comparison, the Dow fell by one percent, the S & P by 1.4 percent and the Nasdaq index by 1.8 percent.

The further escalation in the trade dispute between the US and China pushed equity markets in Asia sharply lower on Monday. In Tokyo, the leading index Nikkei index slumped 2.2 percent to 20,259 points. The Chinese CSI300 lost 1.3 percent.

Analyst check: Kepler Cheuvreux recommends buying Thyssen Krupp shares

The analysis house Kepler Cheuvreux has the classification for Thyssen-Krupp on "Buy" with a Course goal of 16 euros left, The fact that the old plans for a German steel AG were taken out of the drawer again, would make sense, but there are great implementation risks, wrote analyst Rochus Brauneiser in a study available on Friday. After all, the Essenes were looking for an exit from their industrial business at the same time.

Buy recommendations for the share of the Essen Group are currently in the minority. According to Handelsblatt analyst check, there have been 21 studies on the industrial enterprise in recent months. The conclusion: six times the advice was "buy", eleven times "neutral". In four studies, the stock was recommended for sale.

The average weighted price target of all 21 studies, in which younger studies are weighted higher, is 13.41 euros. The current price is 10.37 euros.

Click here for the Handelsblatt analyst check

Here's the page with the Dax-course, here are the current tops & flops in the Dax. Current short selling by investors can be found in our database on short selling.


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