Dax targets 12,000-point mark - Deutsche Wohnen increases more than ten percent

Dusseldorf At first glance, the opening prices on today's trading day were not spectacular. The German leading index rose only by 0.2 percent to 11,663 points. But these gains were the beginning of the end of the summer break.

The term summer break derives from the sideways trend of recent weeks. Because despite the many events on the financial markets, the index has moved since mid-August in the range between 11,850 points on the top and 11,600 meters on the bottom. According to chart technology, today's overcoming of the upper mark is a veritable buy signal.

"In recent days, many indicators on my screen have leaked into the green, and I have the feeling that we can see the end of the summer correction very soon," explains Stephan Heibel, an investor sentiment expert. "And I do not want to run after the courses". The owner of the analysis house Animusx also evaluates the weekly Handelsblatt survey Dax-Sentiment.

The reason for the plus signs on yesterday and today's trading day are the trade talks between US and China announced by US President Donald Trump. Both sides had signaled on Thursday for a new round of negotiations.

"Despite the new optimism, I do not expect a very short-term solution," said Thomas Altmann, Portfolio Manager at Asset Management QC Partners. Both sides wanted a deal. "But it is also clear that the idea of ​​how this deal should look, is still far apart."

Against one Sustainable end of summer break speak seasonal data, Because today is the last trading day in August and the September is one of the most difficult market months of the year, According to calculations of the Düsseldorfer Bank HSBC both the performance of the German standard values ​​with an average of minus 2.24 percent is negative, as well as the hit rate is well below 50 percent.

"The Probability with a Dax investment in September to record price gainsSo it's not on the side of the investors, "says the analysts. Because the performance in September is not distorted by a single major negative event down, but in the entire DAX history, the phenomenon of a correction after late summer is a widespread. After all, the German defaults have only increased in twelve years since 1988, while the equity barometer has had to cope with price losses in 19 years.

A media report on a weakening of the rent cover plans in Berlin helps the shares of the real estate companies to clear plus signs.

Vonovia are in the lead with a plus of 5.4 percent in the Dax, and Deutsche Wohnen raised ten percent. ADO Properties increase by just under 6.5 percent, Grand City Properties up 4.9 percent.

According to Tagesspiegel, the round of negotiations has agreed with the leaders of the coalition of SPD, Left and Greens. Instead of the radical intervention in the market with indiscriminate rent reductions for top earners comes the "Mietendeckel 2.0",

From January 11, rents in Berlin will be frozen for five years. The rent index is thereby overruled. Instead, all Berliners continue to pay their previous rent, provided it does not exceed 30 percent of household disposable income. If this "economic distress" of the tenant is given, the rent may be reduced to the state-fixed "Mietoberwerte".

Look at the individual values

Daimler: The shares of the automotive group increase 2.4 percent. According to dealers, the experts of the analysis house Kepler Chevreux upgraded the papers to "buy", the price target is 49 euros.

Isra Vision: The shares jumped by 9.1 percent in the amount. The specialist for industrial image processing increased its pre-tax profit in the past quarter by 19 percent to 24.5 million euros. Turnover increased by eight percent to 110.6 million euros, as the company announced. For the coming financial year 2019/2020, the SDax member is expecting double-digit growth in sales and earnings.

MTU: The engine specialist has a good chance of taking Thyssen-Krupp's place in the Dax at the end of September. The Essen steel company is likely to descend in the MDax due to the massive price losses in recent months. MTU is currently worth nearly 12.9 billion on the stock market, the price has risen in the past six months by 30 percent. On today's trading day the plus amounts to 1.1 per cent.

What the charting says

The German leading index has set an important course: With the jump over the mark of 11,853 / 11,866 points, according to chart technology, a buy signal is available, the further potential up to the annual high of 12,656 meters, On the way there is still a gap in price to close at around 12,129 points from the beginning of August.

Such a so-called downside gap (technical term Gap) arises when the lowest price of the previous day is above the highest price of the subsequent trading day. Such a price gap is considered resistance, an upward gap as support.

"When planning your wealth: Never get off!"

Another positive aspect: The index has won the battle for the 200-day line, which is currently trading at 11,661 points. This indicator for the longer-term trend has been rising slightly for months. With today's and today's gains, the index has moved away from the mark.

On the bottom, investors should pay attention to two brands. On the one hand, 11,559 and 11,490 meters, including the previous year's low of 11,266 points into focus.

Look at the stock exchanges in USA and China

Hopes for a solution to the trade dispute between the US and China spurred the stock markets in New York on Thursday. In particular, technology stocks increased.

The Dow Jones Index rose 1.3 percent to 26,362 points. The broader S & P also rose 1.3 percent to 2925 positions. The index of the technology exchange Nasdaq gained 1.5 percent to 7973 meters.

On the stock markets in Asia, optimists set the tone again on Friday. In Tokyo, the leading index Nikkei gained 1.2 percent to 20,702 points. The MSCI index for Asian stocks outside Japan rose 0.3 percent.

Analysts check: Goldman Sachs advises to sell the Kion shares

The US investment bank Goldman Sachs has left the classification for Kion on "sell" with a price target of 44 euros. Fluctuating markets and economic uncertainty continued to dominate the headlines and meanwhile the capital goods sector is developing below average, unlike earlier in the year, analyst Daniela Costa wrote in a recent industry study.

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