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Coimbatore: Duleep Trophy Cr In the cut final, South Son A Opener of Thire West Zone Yashaswi Jaiswal scored 200 Mr. 244 straight balls in the second innings Yswal can be relieved of 209 runs. Kate stopped. There are three sixes and 23 fours. 20-year-old Jaiswal today Gs. Against North Soni Jaiswal E in the final Scored a century (228).

On the third day West Zone 2nd innings 376 runs for the loss of a wicket It is in the position of West Zone 270 in first innings There was a vehicle. Jaiswal’s first innings Scored only 2 runs. South Son’s first innings is 327 That’s what happened. 318 for the loss of seven wickets South Zone third day in a row Number of innings resumed Th.

West Zone in the second innings Yi Shreyas Iyer (71) Ardhase Won. But Captain Ajinkya Rahan Ne (15) was disappointed in the second innings. Eight runs to Rahane in the first innings Ncinu is about to depart.

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