DC charges fall out of 20 Rockwool protesters arrested by Danish embassy

The District has decided to put charges against 20 persons arrested outside the Danish embassy who were protesting against a Rockwool factory under construction in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

The Office of the Attorney General is D.C. after reducing charges against 20 persons who took the Secret Service outside the Danish Embassy on 28 March, as opposed to the construction of a Rockwool insulation factory in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

The construction by the Danish-based company was opposed to blocking the entrance of the embassy while trying to stop the construction of the 24-hour insulation factory which was being built in a former apple orchard in Ranson, West Virginia.

A statement by a spokesperson to the Attorney General's office stated in a statement that the cases will not be prosecuted.

“The Danish Embassy protests were made peacefully, and those arrested to block the entrance were in conjunction with law enforcement,” said the spokesman, who asked not to recognize it.

“OAG takes a number of factors into account when assessing catch and deciding whether to follow fees. These include the seriousness of the offense, the defendant's criminal history or lack of prior arrests, the quality of the evidence, the likelihood of the defendant re-offending, and whether there was serious or serious misconduct. ”

“In this case, we exercised our choice of prosecution without proceeding with these cases,” according to the statement.

David Levine, co-founder of Resist Rockwool, who was one of the arrested people, said his group was pleased with the result and “grateful to the office of the Attorney General for refusing to prosecute.”

“We succeeded in drawing international attention to our utmost against a heavily contaminated factory with an inappropriately located Rockwool near Jefferson County schools, where it will endanger the health and wellbeing of our children,” he said. Levine said.

Rockwool has repeatedly stated that the predicted joints are well below federal and air pollution limits are mentioned and will have no impact on health or the environment. West Virginia Environmental Protection Department has also said there will be no health risk to nearby people.

The company has stated that it will introduce air monitors in spring 2019 at the original school located across Route 9 from the plant. Elected officers in the vicinity of Loudoun County, Virginia expressed concern about emissions from plant stocks.

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