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Jiuzhiwang Film Beijing News On November 16, the police and bandit movie “De Violence” held its premiere in Beijing. Director Liu Haoliang, producer Han Sanping, producer Liang Lin, Wang Qianyuan, Wei Shiya, Dali, Huocheng, Li Xiaochuan, Hong Junjia, Ji Huanbo, Pang Yunong, Da Youwei, Wang Chao and all the stars gathered together, on site. Reveal the wonderful story behind the scenes, full of memories. Director and screenwriter Liu Haoliang shared the process of collecting a lot of data in the early stage in order to make a good mainland police and gangster film in the 1990s; the lead star Wang Qianyuan felt through the role that the police were not easy back then, and paid tribute to him. The film was screened in advance in some cities last weekend, recreating the arrogant and brutal side of the criminals on a large scale, highlighting the positive energy of the police to kill the criminals, and the first batch of audiences praised “the best police film in recent years.”

Director Liu Haoliang reveals the “large scale” behind-the-scenes story

The only police movie of the year fills the gap in the market

In the movie “De-violence”, the policeman Zhong Cheng, played by Wang Qianyuan, hunts down the fierce bandit Zhang Fal played by Daniel Wu, and pursues him to death. The police and bandits struggled to the death many times, and staged the crisis-ridden story of “the first gangster in the Mainland in the 1990s”. The scene is tit-for-tat, while the outside is harmonious and tacit. At the premiere, Wang Qianyuan broke the news that “when filming with Daniel Wu, he often exercises in the gym”. When talking about the role of a police officer this time, he said: “I have also played a policeman before, but this is the first time for a policeman in the 90s. At that time, technology was not so advanced, and the police just relied on “killing and not letting go.” It’s not easy to deal with the case with the spirit of the movie. I sincerely admire those heroes who exchange their lives for their lives.” Wei Shiya, who plays the role of the Sa Shuang policewoman, breaks through for the role.” He started to get tanned, no skin care, and even fattening half a year before the shooting started. , Just to make the character image more like a girl in the 90s”.

In order to convince everyone of the story of the 90s, director Liu Haoliang said frankly that “it took several months to collect information, watched it for a month or two, and then went to talk with the police of the year”, and strived for the details of the film. Producer Han Sanping also came to the premiere. He said, “The 1990s was an era of rapid economic development in China, and crime was rampant. This film reflects the real social situation at that time, especially the fighting between police and gangsters. It is different from the past. The police and criminal films are relatively heavy.” For this subject, the producer Liang Lin said bluntly, “If I sum it up, it would be a word of’dare’. We dare to do it, the director dares to shoot, and the actors dare to act. This kind of police film is rare, not only this year, nor before. .” The scarcity of film themes has made up for the market vacancy.

“Shenyang Wu Yanzu” live confession Wang Qianyuan humorous response

Newly exposed feature film, police and bandits opened fire in the street, Zhang Falcon killed his accomplice

Highlights of the premiere scene continued, and a group of leading actors wearing headgear made their surprise appearances. For a while, it was unclear who was the real Wu Yanzu. In the end, Wang Qianyuan relied on his familiarity with the “adversary” to judge that “none of them were Wu Yanzu”. Afterwards, Daniel Wu appeared on the big screen in surprise, entered the scene in one second, and shouted to the audience: “Finally!” The unexpected appearance made the audience feel pleasantly surprised. Singer Zhang Hexuan also appeared at the premiere. As the singer of the movie’s theme song, he said, “The director helped me fulfill my wish. When I saw the filming process on the short video platform, I wanted to support it as soon as possible. I am very happy with the opportunity to cooperate.” The audience was also very enthusiastic. A boy stood up to “confess” Wang Qianyuan and the crew of “External Violence” and declared himself “Yanzu Wu in Huanggu District, Shenyang”. Wang Qianyuan also humorously responded “We salute you on behalf of Beijing Shunyi”.

2020 is the year of decisive victory in the special struggle against crime and crime. The movie “Exit Violence” focuses on the vicious violent crimes in the Mainland in the 1990s, highlights the police’s spirit of “biting to death” and paying tribute to countless people who rushed to the front line to fight crime The heroic police officers. The footage of the feature film exposed today also makes people feel the brutality of the criminals and the danger that the police are facing every time-the “Eagle Gang” led by Zhang Xuan exchanged fire with the police team led by Zhong Cheng on the street in broad daylight. Zhong Cheng was on the spot. One of the bandits who shot down the rooftop lookout. In order not to keep alive, Zhang Yan drove back to the scene and threw down a grenade and killed his accomplice. Wu Yanzu once said that “Zhang Fal is a person who has to be’shaped’ in everything. He killed his comrades because he didn’t want him to die so ugly.” Wang Qianyuan commented that Zhang Xun was a “smart and persistent, but very perverted person.” . The audience spoke highly of the contest between Wang Qianyuan and Wu Yanzu in the film, “The same-frame drama is too exciting, and the bathhouse even wants to scream”. At the same time, they fully recognize the theme of the story and think it is “very groundbreaking in the theme of violent crime.” , More viewers said, “This is the best police movie in recent years.” Last weekend, the film had a strong word-of-mouth reputation, and the two platforms of Maoyan and Taotiotiao scored 8.8.

The movie “De Violence” will be released in theaters nationwide on November 20, 2020.


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