DEA police launch tactic “Defeat Phairi”, raid 15 targeted communities, arrest 8 drug dealers

This morning (28 Dec.) Pol Lt. Gen. Sarayuth Sanguanphokai, the Narcotics Suppression Police Commissioner, along with Narcotics Suppression Police officers led a special operation unit. defeat the pyre and staff Launched Operations, Defeat Phairi 65/3 “Chamchuri Community Drug-free for the new year, raids 15 targets in Chamchuri community. and nearby areas in Ramintra, Sai Mai and Bang Khen districts, which are drug networks and small dealers.

which is an important target that came in to search today is the house number 14/3 Soi Sukhaphiban 5, Tha Raeng Subdistrict, Bang Khen District, Bangkok can arrest Mr. Tarapong (last name preserved) age 23 years old, accused of selling narcotics without permission

by this accused Investigators know that is a drug dealer who receives drugs for distribution and distribution to people in nearby communities and is expanding its influence in the area which the accused admits Resell the drug in grams, 300-400 hundred each time, by taking orders first and then ordering drugs to sell again.

In addition, the police force also raided the house Within the village of Amporn Place 2, Sukhapiban 5, Or Ngoen Sub-District, Sai Mai District, by being able to arrest Miss Kanyanat (Last name reserved) The accused of trafficking drugs in the category of drug ice without permission. including the seizure of drug equipment and drug packets used to contain drugs Available for sale in a certain amount. They also seized the medium, a big bike that was used to deliver drugs.

Police Department launches tactics

In this regard, the arrest of a small drug dealer was also possible. and 8 more drug users who were able to seize assets from drug trafficking of more than 1 million baht

by operating today Lt. Gen. Sarayut Sanguanphokai, Commander-in-Chief of the Narcotics Suppression Police stated that due to the Chamchuri community and nearby areas There are a large number of small drug dealers. It is one of the communities where the drug epidemic is severe. top of Bangkok

and with the new government policy who want to focus on drug clearance in the district and more communities Make the community become a safe community. This is to break the cycle of drug networks in the community to grow. Become a big trader in the future and prevent the expansion of influence in the area including if a drug user is found to be brought into therapy to return to society defeat the pyre



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