Dead mouth does not recognize the secret love “Cordyceps King”!Li Jiaxin has no possibility of developing forever

Dead mouth does not recognize the secret love “Cordyceps King”!Li Jiaxin has no possibility of developing forever

After watching, Li Jiaxin (Ali) was revealed to have been in a secret relationship with “Cordyceps King” Chen Ende (Mark) for more than a year. In this regard, Ali issued a statement denying the relationship, emphasizing that the relationship with Mark is only a work cooperative relationship: “I was in about mid-August 2020. I was introduced to Mr. Chen by a colleague, because Chen Sheng planned to cooperate with different artists to develop a series of product business, and Chen Sheng and I negotiated a slimming coffee product at that time. The first time I met him and his staff was when he was in his The studio in Causeway Bay, and after several meetings, they did not continue negotiations because they could not reach a consensus.”


Li Jiaxin was secretly in love with “Cordyceps King” Chen Ende for more than a year!


Li Jiaxin emphasized that the relationship with the other party is only for work.

She also listed in detail the content of each meeting with Mark, saying that it was all about work and never had personal relationships: “After that, Chen Sheng invited me to participate in his pet project again, and at that time I learned that he also cooperated with a number of company artists. , but at that time, the cat I had raised for many years passed away soon, so in the end, there was no further cooperation on the project. Soon after, Chen Sheng also proposed to invite me to participate in the charity singing guest, but after the company understands, and I do not have enough confidence, so The plan was finally shelved. During the period, I did meet with Chen Sheng in the restaurant and his studio on the above plan, but that was all.” He also clarified that the “hotel secret meeting” that was filmed in November last year was actually just a discussion in the hotel restaurant. Cooperation: “Until the end of 2021, due to the micro-film plan, I will contact Chen Sheng again by phone, and then discuss the details of the film in the hotel’s Chinese restaurant in October last year.”


Qu also listed the content of each meeting in detail, pointing out that it was all limited to work negotiation.

She said that after the news of the “hotel secret meeting” broke out, in order to avoid further misunderstandings, she has never met the other party again, and pointed out: “I have known Chen Sheng since 2020, and I have only limited to work negotiations each time, and have never developed. If there is any relationship, there will be no room for development in the future, so I will clarify here.”


Zhongluozha dialect is unlikely to develop in the future.


Li Jiaxin issued a statement.



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