Deadly Outbreak at Bordeaux Restaurant Leaves One Dead and Dozens Hospitalized

Investigation Underway Following Fatalities and Illnesses Linked to Bordeaux Restaurant

French Health Authorities Launch Probe into Food Poisoning Outbreak

Paris, France – In a tragic turn of events, a woman who recently dined at the renowned “Tchin Tchin Winebar” in Bordeaux has passed away after complaining of illness. Dr Benjamin Cluso, from Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux, confirmed that the victim sought medical attention in a hospital near Paris before tragically succumbing at home. Her boyfriend, who also ate at the establishment, remains in intensive care.

The French health agency, DGS, has reported that in addition to the fatal case, 12 individuals from various nationalities including American, Irish, German, and Canadian are currently receiving emergency treatment. Out of the affected patients, five are dependent on mechanical ventilation to aid their recovery.

Authorities have traced the source of the outbreak back to the consumption of sardines at the “Tchin Tchin Winebar” between September 4 and 10. The restaurant owner, who stored the sardines in an improper manner, was flagged by DGS for inappropriate storage practices.

Botulism, a grave neurological condition with a fatality rate ranging from 5% to 10%, is believed to be the culprit. This illness is caused by toxins produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria when food is not adequately disinfected during preservation.

DGS has formed a dedicated team to lead the ongoing investigation and is actively attempting to contact individuals who consumed sardines from the implicated restaurant. The agency estimates that up to 25 people could potentially be affected.

In a precautionary move, French authorities have issued an international health advisory urging hospitals to prioritize the care of patients who recently visited Bordeaux. Symptoms to watch out for include diarrhoea, vomiting, and any issues with vision or speech. Additionally, samples of the sardines served at the restaurant have been confiscated for further analysis. To ensure the safety of future patrons, the premises will undergo a thorough cleaning once the investigation concludes.

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AFP news agency A report from Bordeaux France on 14 September that Dr Benjamin Cluso of Pellegrin Hospital In Bordeaux said after the woman said Travel back with your lover She was examined in a hospital near Paris. However, he later died at home. Her boyfriend is still in the ICU.

The French health agency, DGS, said that in addition to the one person who died, 12 people are receiving emergency treatment, including an American, an Irishman, a German and a Canadian. 5 patients require mechanical ventilation.

From the investigation it was found that the victims all dined at the “Tchin Tchin Winebar” restaurant between September 4 and 10, where they ate sardines. which the shop owner keeps in a jar and DGS pointed out It is an inappropriate storage method.

Botulism is a serious neurological disease. and has a death rate of 5-10% The cause of this disease comes from toxins produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum when food has been preserved. not sufficiently disinfected

DGS added that a team of officers are continuing their investigation. and trying to contact other people who have eaten sardines in this restaurant they said up to 25 people can be affected.

Furthermore, the French authorities also issued an international health warning. They asked the hospital to take care of patients who had just been to Bordeaux. and symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, or problems with vision or speech while the embroidery of the soldiers’ stocks was sent to Bordeaux.

By the way, the said restaurant has been ordered to close temporarily. The remaining sardines will be confiscated for further testing. And the store will be thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

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