Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, PSU confirms “Nong Ween” until it is true, there is evidence to confirm Do not block the opportunity to study further.

On 25 January ’23 Professor Dr.’s Association. Ruangsak Leethanaporn, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prince Songkhla University In order to explain the case of Mr. Kantaphon Taochan or Nong Ween, 18 years old, student of Mathayom 6, Phatthalung Province, who passed the special exam to study in the Faculty of Medicine. and came out to open an account to accept donations to raise money for medical studies before being exposed by social media as “Janthip”

Professor Dr. Ruangsak that it must be separated into issues. When it comes to exams, children can really take the exam from their knowledge and abilities. and passed the test step by step Do not break any steps at all Considered as a person who has the ability to become a medical student.

Regarding the issue of poverty or not, it must be said that “poverty” is not just reading. or listen to someone’s story but the Faculty of Medicine A team of teachers have been sent to the area to meet the children and their families, as well as to inquire from relatives, close people and people involved in the area. with evidence confirming that Wen’s family was unable to help themselves And if they had to study medicine, they probably wouldn’t have enough financial strength.

Regarding receiving donations It should not be a problem not to receive any further studies. Nong Ween and her family, when they heard that they had passed the exam, were very happy. and he believed when he learned that he had to study medicine So there is concern about the cost. by trying to find a way What I did was not a lie. And what Nong Ween and his family say is true.

while in the matter of scholarship money Faculty of Medicine The Prince of Songkla University has external personnel and organizations. which supports education for medical students from year 1 to year 6, and also has scholarships from the Songkhla Nakarin Hospital Foundation Another part is given to students who study well, behave well, but are also short of money . in the case of Nong Wien or other students where there is a problem with that tuition fee Faculty of Medicine There is already an organization in place to help these students.

According to the latest information sent by a team of teachers to meet Nong Ween and his family at the villa, it is expected that Nong Ween will come to study at the Faculty of Medicine. Pa Nong has been determined to study from the beginning and expects that Nong Ween will not give up this determination.

To confirm the right to study at the Prince of Songkhla University Faculty of Medicine It will be held on February 7-8, and there will be an announcement of the results of those who have had a blood screening test for further study on February 11.

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