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The weapon is sharp, and the iron is cut like mud. The wind is sharp, and the small iron is as intended. I hope to use more discussion and share various opinions on watching the game.

Players will eventually have to face a decline in their situation. Even a top star, no matter how strong at the peak, may have to face the fact that age and health will no longer lead to “can’t go back.” If Lian can already imagine that the future may be a Hall of Fame One member, or at least Carmelo Anthony, who has the qualifications to discuss the Hall of Fame, has to face the situation of being laid off and lack of interest in the market, and finally enters the bottom salary at an age when he seems to be able to play and later proves that he can play. In today’s league market, it is not too surprising what kind of basic salary players may appear.

What’s more, this is DeAndre Jordan, who even won the first team of the year for the only time in his career, and has been questioned by everyone, and even has been discussed as the most inconsistent first team member in history.

It’s just that all this seems to come too fast. DAJ was selected as the first team of the year in the 2015-16 season. In the summer of the same year, he was a member of the Rio Olympics national team. He was also selected for the first time in his career after a year. , It is also the only All-Star game. Regardless of whether it has the halo blessings of the speedboat “City of Air Throwing”, DAJ has not been destroyed by the torrent of the times like many elders in the same period. Instead, it has established its ability to survive in the era. No matter how he disagrees with the glory he has received, he must be affirmed for his substantial progress in the NBA.

But five years later, or if DAJ is still able to secure the team’s starting center position in 2019, but two years later, everything has taken a turn for the worse. He has become a cold bench that the team will not play the entire game. Become a small supporting role for the team to let go of the burden of relieving the salary burden, and then be bought out by the new owner of the contract, and finally get a basic salary and hope to catch a championship train and pursue the last little bit of dreams.

DAJ’s high achievement was once questionable, but although he may not be as strong as the awards in the general evaluation, the status quo that his value fell sharply in a flash is equally surprising.

From the draft crash to the first team of the year

In the summer of 2019, the 31-year-old DAJ moved from the parent team Nick to the “neighbor” Brooklyn Nets in a short distance in the biggest wave of free agency in recent years. Although the sound was not as loud as the other two who joined at the same time Stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but they are not really marginal people. Many people agree that the Nets have been so balanced in a single offseason. However, it is conceivable that KD and KI will dominate the offense. , Although KD would be reimbursed for a season due to Achilles tendon injury, it still makes people expect DAJ to become the guard of the penalty area around the two stars.

To a certain extent, this can be regarded as affirmation for DAJ. Recall that in the 2008 draft, the DAJ master was able to run and jump well. His excellent physical condition made him once considered to be able to challenge the lottery. However, in some After the pre-selection test, the situation took a turn for the worse. On the day of the draft, DAJ didn’t even mention his name in the first round of the lottery. He was finally selected by the Clippers with the 35th overall pick in the second round.

There is no reason for him. In the past 13 years of his career, he has been the most slam dunk player in the league in a single season. From 2013-14 to 2018-19, the six seasons from 2013-14 to 2018-19 accounted for more than 44% of the total slam dunks each year, ranking top in the NBA. The ranking of six of the top ten slam dunks in a single season, as well as the fact that more than 83% of his shots in his career are within three feet of the basket. It can be seen that slam dunks are almost his only reliable means of attack, even near the basket. All of his putting the ball can only be considered as a technique that has only grown slightly after evolution. Since his career has been like this for many years, it is not difficult to imagine how rough his technique was at the time of the draft. Of course, in 2008, a generation of legendary center Shaquille O’ Neal has fallen, and the league’s star center is indeed the physical Dwight Howard, but DAJ, who is obviously rougher than Howard in the draft, will not be favored and traced throughout the first round.

The Clippers at that time were not a disciplined and well-developed team. They had just finished a short period of playoffs, and they soon faced various personnel changes. The team just watched the players come and go, but it was in 2009. After being selected by Blake Griffin in the year and the Clippers finally knowing to build an army around this future core, a more reasonable concept of reconstruction and line-up cleaning finally appeared. After getting the ace point guard Chris Paul through a deal in 2011, DAJ got huge help. The performance is like a fish in the water, he can run and jump well with CP3, which is good at threading and threading, coupled with the flying and retreating Griffin, the reputation of “air throwing city” appeared in the speedboat, DAJ bombed the basket after receiving the pass in the air. It becomes the screen that will appear in the single-day Highlight from time to time.

In addition to the bonus points brought by CP3, DAJ’s own progress cannot be ignored. He is no longer just a stupid big man running around with his head, but through some game experience and training enhancements, the optimization of the pick-and-roll running position has been improved, so that DAJ The destructive power of the combination with CP3 is greatly increased. Indeed, his attack methods are still very few, and the attack range can only be around the basket, but if you can find the opportunity to attack near the basket anyway, in addition to CP3’s wonderful pass, DAJ, who can always reach the penalty zone, is indeed worthy of recognition.


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