Dearna shy, arrested, Jin Blue Phongthiwat, junior from the old school – said goodbye to Channel 3 to receive someone to talk to.

Dearna Khen, Jin Blue Phongthiwat, the old junior school was arrested – farewell to Channel 3 is an independent actor Heart status update. Ask someone to talk to them.

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Since becoming an independent actor, he has not been sniffed lightly, with new roles coming out to show that fans have an embarrassment instead. for the female protagonist Deerna Flipo that went on the crying list with the younger stars of the old school Blue Phongthiwat Tangwancharoen with the impression of childhood The spokesperson gave an interview on the matter at the BIFW 2022 event at Paragon Park, Siam Paragon the day before.

Recently he went out on the show singing over the wall.? “It’s something new. I’ve never done it before, I’m very excited, I’m really worried because I rarely sing. The sound is very loud. and he thought that he would not remember the surprise meat as well (Is it a new role I have a chance to try?) Very new, to be honest, I was never confident because I felt like I had to cry because about one to dare to go out. As we want to meet Lu. because they are from the same state Have a story together I want to surprise you.”

How does it feel to have so many people staring at you?? “Deer has admired his younger brother since he was a child. He is a very cute kid since childhood and he is in the same school. I would secretly pinch his cheeks. We thought he was young and probably wouldn’t remember. Apparently, he said he remembered them all. A bit embarrassing too and surprising what’s so cute Like older and younger people meeting again In the past, we didn’t think we would join the industry. Also, having a younger brother who lives in the same state also came into play and I loved it.”

arrest him very hard? “When I was young, I couldn’t remember. Do it yourself and shake it too. It’s cute Good feedback On Twitter, people said it was shy instead, it was cute. (When I was a kid and now I’m shy in different ways.?) Oh, I don’t know, he’s just a normal kid. But Little Blue is always cute. pretty since childhood Grown up so handsome Too cute to die (smile) Deer like him anyway. So comfortable His face is already handsome, pinch his cheeks.”

Blue was embarrassed.? “Yes, he said he was really shy at the time. Deer understand that everyone The older generation and the younger generation It’s not just Deer I like Blue. because he is very excellent He must have felt why he wanted to mess with him so much. Talk to each other via Line Ask for pictures Send each other pictures I don’t think people will continue to love each other. But we also feel it’s a lovely moment to pinch her cheeks. And I don’t think you’ll say you’re cute (smile).

He is now an independent actor.? “Yes, there is also a new play. But it’s better to wait for everything to settle first. (Thinking of going somewhere else??) You can really go anywhere. Because of freedom and wanting to try something new many channels Anyway, whoever contacted me is welcome.”

An adult contacted? “There are some. I’ve called and talked. But still not 100% decided, so I still don’t dare say I was asked how long it took to make a decision It’s been a long time because I’ve been on Channel 3 for almost 10 years too, but it’s the rhythm of life that I’m trying to do something new, I’m trying to talk to adults too. He said try it. because we grew up so we could find the right thing.”

How do you see further?? “Honestly, I really want to work on plays to get better and better. Let’s try some things we’ve never done. some new roles Find something different. Think you’ll see something new Let’s start with singing (smiles).”

An update on the heart? “There are some young men who have come in. Someone has spoken to them. They are outsiders. Ask if it is closed or not. It is not closed. It is normal to go anywhere . The opportunity to launch Deere is not that flash. I feel like I’m trying to talk continuously. I don’t want to love Stop it Let’s make sure before I open it. I’ve always been the type then of a person.”

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