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Death! 84 in the south, up to 28 cases, devastated, found dead outside the hospital 2

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by the number of pneumonia cases and had to be intubated. continually decreasing Consistent with the number of new cases and deaths, it has decreased. Most of the deaths were 608 groups, including the elderly 60 years and over, chronic disease groups. and pregnant women found to have died continuously The elderly were also the group with the highest death rates. The infection in The four southern border provinces began to stabilize. But there is a downward trend with 1,869 new cases found, new infections in 67 provinces, a slight increase of 5,980 cases, while in the Bangkok metropolitan area, 1,580 new cases have rebounded. Still found the highest daily infection, 845 cases, the highest death, in the Bangkok area. 9 cases, while 9,658 new cases were found today, divided into 9,647 in Thailand, 11 coming from abroad Of the 218 prison/incarcerated cases, 8,526 recovered, 99,144 are still cured, 2,281 are critically ill and 526 are coma requiring ventilator.

October 28, 2021, COVID-19 Information Center Report on the situation of patients infected with the coviral-19 that recently found 9,658 new cases, of which 9,647 were infected in the country (separate from the surveillance system and health services, 8,879 cases from proactive screening tests) In the community, 550 cases from prisons/detention centers (218 cases) and 11 from abroad, totaling 1,884,968 cumulative cases since 2020. There will be 14,068 new cases.

Another 84 deaths today, bringing the death toll to 19,006, 8,526 recoveries, totaling 1,766,818 recovered, 99,144 still being treated, 44,691 in Sanam Hospital/HI- 54,453 CI, of which 2,281 are critically ill, of which 526 are in critical condition requiring ventilator support.

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There were 84 deaths, 48 ​​males, 36 females, aged 30-98 years in the area. Nakhon Si Thammarat province has the most 11 cases, with 28 deaths in the southern region. The risk factors that cause the severity of the disease and death are mostly elderly people over 60 years old and with congenital disease. High blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids, kidney disease, obesity, bedridden, which is a congenital disease that is a risk factor for increasing the severity of the disease. in this number Of the 84 local infections, 40 were in high-risk areas and three were infected by family members and 41 others, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Of the 84 deaths, 84 people died outside the hospital. 2 cases from Yala Province

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