Death by eating leaf or fruit, visitation by taking life in hand; A garden full of plants

In Northumberland, England, there is a garden full of many special features. Although it looks like an ordinary garden with various plants and flowers, it has some other special features. Some characteristics we should be afraid of. Therefore, many of the plants in this garden are enclosed in cages. The reason is nothing else. This garden has the capacity to kill people. Jane Percy, Duchess of Northumberland, is behind the construction of this garden. The garden is located in the grounds of Alnwick, the royal palace. This garden was established in 1995.

Jane Purse’s desire for a garden to complement her palace led to the idea of ​​a different garden. Prabhi envisioned a garden full of green medicines. But a visit to an aristocratic family in Italy derailed this plan. After seeing some of the poisonous plants they were growing, Jane Percy decided that her garden should be full of poisonous plants as well.

All plants in the garden today can be fatal if inhaled continuously, if a leaf or fruit is eaten. Therefore, visitors are allowed inside with a strong warning. Highly dangerous plants are kept in cages. Apart from poisonous plants, this garden also contains narcotic drugs including ganja and opium. Many visitors ignore the warnings and interact closely with the plants. Such efforts are the reason for starting the dispensary next to the garden. Those who take leaves and other things to remember the garden have also made a mistake. There are many stories of people who have traveled in a closed AC train fainting during the journey. Anyway, this rare garden is an event. But we have to take life in our hands to see this flower garden.

English Summary: ‘World’s deadliest garden’: This garden in England has over 100 poisonous plants that can kill

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