Death during sewage treatment; Case against five people

Bengaluru: Sewage treatment plant in an apartment complex Five people died in the incident in which two workers were killed Police have filed a case against him. Accident at Kanakapura Road Konanakunde Apartment Five including apartment management and organization owner and residents Konanakunde police filed a case against the name.

Ravikumar (29) a native of Tumkur and Dilip Kumar (26) a native of Odisha. The private sector operates sewage treatment plants Both are residents of Mpani. When the operation broke down, they were both working on repairs. He came to Kai.

The superintendent of the company, Parpita Samuchaya, went missing after a long period and the security personnel were being briefed. In the examination they carried out, they were both found unconscious, seen near the plant. He was rushed to the nearest hospital but could not be saved. The cause of death was the inhalation of poisonous gas from inside the temporary Induction plant.

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