Death toll demolishing 40 flats… “strong condemnation” of the EU

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The death toll from a flat collapse in Ukraine caused by a Russian missile attack has risen to 40.

The European Union strongly condemned Russia, and Russia blamed it for “Ukraine air defense missiles.”

Reporter Umjiin reports.

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The search continued for three days in the apartment building that collapsed miserably.

As victims were identified one after another in the wreck, the death toll rose to 40.

75 people, including 14 children, were injured, and it is said that close to 30 people are still unconfirmed.

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“We can all be there. People, even children.”

Three days ago, Russia fired missiles across Ukraine on a large scale.

Ukrainian President Zelensky condemned the attacks as terrorism and said, “If we continue to be silent cowards and wait for what is happening to end, then one day it will happen the same way.”

The European Union, which has decided to provide Ukraine with 18 billion euros and 24.7 trillion won in long-term loans this year, also stressed that it “strongly condemns Russia’s continued and horrific airstrikes targeting civilians.”

Russia, however, said it was not “attacking civilian populations” and blamed the attack on “Ukrainian air defense missiles.”

At the same time, he continued to threaten the West, including Britain, who decided to provide additional tanks and other aid to Ukraine, saying, “This aid will not change anything.”

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