Debate on the sub-rule at the Democratic Party Committee… Pay attention to whether the non-subrogation 案 has been modified

The Democratic Party of Korea will hold a party committee meeting at the National Assembly on the morning of the 6th to discuss the rules of the 8/28 national convention.

At this meeting, attention is focused on whether the decision of the non-commissioned committee is to be reversed, as the emergency response committee overturned some of the resolutions of the preparatory committee for the national convention (preparatory committee).

The Chun-Lieutenant changed the weight of the preliminary election voting from the current ‘central 100%’ to ‘70% of the central committee and 30% of the public opinion polls’, but the non-captain did not accept it.

In addition, even with the introduction of the ‘vote system by region of the highest committee’ by the non-captain, a storm continues with the claim that it is intended to prevent members of a specific region from entering the leadership.

In particular, members of the Gangseong Party, who support permanent adviser Lee Jae-myung, who is a powerful party leader, and are called ‘dog daughters’ (daughters of reform) protested against the decision of the ban, and have also foreshadowed a meeting with the chairman of the eviction committee, Woo Sang-ho, on the 7th.

For this reason, some in the party are also predicting that the non-commissioned members, including Chairman Woo Sang-ho, will settle the strife surrounding the sub-submission rule in the form of a compromise between the existing decision and the previous level resolution.

If the non-captain plan and the full level plan find a point of contact in the party affairs committee, the convention rules will be finalized on that day.

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