Debate over right-wing group "Combat 18": Stop the ban!

Debate about right-wing group "Combat 18"

The ban on Combat 18 is coming soon. This raises the question of why the far-right grouping is not long since banned.

In a trash can is a pair of combat boots and a baseball bat

The delay gives the neo-Nazis time to move aside, which could be dangerous Photo: imago images / perspective

Actually, in the security authorities for bans is a rule: Do not talk about it, but do. In the case of "Combat 18" it is different this time. As announced Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer already right after the murder of the President of the Government Walter Lübcke to envisage a ban on right-wing troops. Because he wanted to show energy, determination. The result is that the neo-Nazis – if they are not even more stupid than they already are – have since been able to do everything they can to get on their nerves.

The really strange thing is that "Combat 18" is not long since forbidden. Hardly any group is ideologically as close to the tenfold murdering NSU as this, has been glorifying terror and underground fighting for years. Although the closely linked "Blood & Honor" network was banned in 2000, "Combat 18" – despite its self-image as a militant offshoot – remained strangely untouched.

Several members are still considered to be extremely violent, go to shooting training, organize legal rock concerts, last published a CD with hate calls and swastika on the cover. What else is there to think about? Who should you forbid, if not this troupe?

Is it again V-people who do not want to endanger the authorities and let them hesitate? Is it better to keep the group in view instead of smashing it? That should not be arguments. Not that the neo-Nazis would go on anyway. Yes, many of the "Combat 18" people are deeply involved in the scene for years, they will probably even continue to live out their racist ideology after a ban.

But: To let such a troop with this unconcealed Nazi and violent concept, not to ban it, would be far more fatal signal. A ban would at least temporarily strike the scene. It would be the clear message that a red line was crossed here. And that long ago, long time ago.


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