Debate over the exercise of military and police command authority by the Presidential Security Service… “Return to the Yusin System” vs. “No strengthening of authority”

Office of the President [자료사진]

The President’s Security Service will be able to directly control the soldiers and police deployed in the security service from next month.

On the 9th, the Presidential Security Service made a legislative notification of the amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Protection of the President Act, etc.

According to the revised ordinance, new content is added to the enforcement decree which states that “the Minister exercises command and supervisory rights over public officials of related organizations such as the army and the police who carry out security activities in the security area, if necessary. do security work efficiently.”

In a phone call with MBC, an official from the Security Agency said, “It’s just a legalization of what the Security Agency has actually ordered to soldiers and police who have already applied for it.”

Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun and Vice Minister of National Defense Shin Beom-cheol, who appeared at the Preliminary Committee of the National Assembly today, responded to a question from Democratic Party lawmaker Han Byung-do, “What do you think about the amendment to the enforcement ordinance where the security agency directs the military and the police?”

Kim Jong-cheol, deputy head of the Security Agency, responded to a lawmaker’s question, “The command of the Security Agency from the army and the police is the first since the establishment of that country,” he said.

This Enforcement Decree comes into force on December 20 after a legislative notice period until the 19th of the following month.

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