“Debt Clinic by SAM” cooperates with “Credit Bureau” to set up a kiosk at the Debt Clinic Office of Major Ratchayothin

Saturday, November 27, 2021

“Debt Clinic by SAM” joins hands with “Credit Bureau” to set up a kiosk at Major Ratchayothin Debt Clinic Office to increase convenience for customers of the Debt Clinic to check their own credit information for free! Get instant results, apply right away.

Mr. Tharataporn Techakijkajorn, Managing Director of Sukhumvit Asset Management Company Limited (AMC) or SAM, revealed that SAM has received cooperation from National Credit Bureau Company Limited (Credit Bureau) to install a “kiosk”. (Kiosk) or “self-checking credit bureau kiosk” at the debt settlement clinic office by SAM, 4th floor (glass lift zone), The Avenue Ratchayothin Shopping Center, Bangkok (Ratchyothin BTS Station, Exit 1) to facilitate Convenient for customers who want to come to apply for admission. Debt Clinic by SAM project can check credit information by yourself in one stop (One Stop Service), no longer need to waste time traveling to commercial banks or other service points. Easy and hassle-free self-checking coupons for credit bureaus. You can also know the results of your own credit report via email to submit to the Debt Clinic Project staff to consider eligibility and apply for the program immediately without any cost. other If the required qualifications are met This helps customers to reduce the transaction process more conveniently and faster. Debt Clinic by SAM has prepared staff to provide advice on how to use the cabinet. kiosk as well For customers and the general public who want to check their credit information, they can come to use the service. This “self-checking credit bureau kiosk” is available for payment via QR Code at the front of the kiosk, 100 baht/time. The “Debt Clinic by SAM” office is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., every day, every day. stop by customers who wish to come to apply or contact in person at the office “Debt Clinic by SAM” asks for cooperation. Customers must show at least one vaccination result or have a test result for Covid-19. Negative not more than 3 days before contacting the office which the results of such examination It can be displayed within a week if the customer needs to be contacted several times that week. as well as to comply with other safety measures of the shopping center to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, such as scanning the “Thai Chana” application before entering the shopping center area Wearing a mask at all times Temperature check before entering the area hand washing with alcohol and maintain a distance of 1-2 meters, etc. or can apply through online channels, including the website www.debt or add Line @debtclinicbysam and Facebook Debt Clinic Or contact for details at “Winning Debt Hotline 1443”

Mr. Suraphon Opassathien, President of National Credit Bureau Co., Ltd. (Credit Bureau) said, “Credit Bureaus are very pleased to facilitate access to their own credit information to customers of Debt Clinic by SAM. And the general public through the service of “self-checking credit bureaus” (kiosks), and users can receive credit reports via email immediately. It is a convenient and fast service that reduces paper printing. and reducing exposure to banknotes, thereby reducing the risk of COVID-19 as well. In the past, credit bureaus have recognized the importance of checking credit In order to manage risks that may arise from financial disasters Helps to know their own financial history as the owner of the information. It is a preparation before applying for various loans from financial institutions. is to know ourselves before going to talk in detail with the lender. Know yourself that the history of indebtedness What was your past debt settlement like? and help verify the accuracy of their credit information as well as a campaign to create a culture of “saving before borrowing, thinking before spending, having discipline when in debt” to encourage people to have financial planning. with discipline in saving money and maintaining their own credit It encourages and encourages the general public to be aware of saving, debt burden, debt management, discipline, debt repayment, debt repayment on time. because I want to see Thai people have financial discipline for a better quality of life For more details about kiosk kiosks, visit, menu “self-service credit bureau checks” or and ask for more information via e-mail or add Line @ilovebureau”

About SAM : Sukhumvit Asset Management Company Limited (AMC) or SAM, a government asset management company that plays a role in managing non-performing assets of the financial institution system with good governance. for the benefit of the economy and society



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