Debunking the Myth: Hemorrhoids do not Increase the Risk of Colon Cancer

Clarifying the Facts: Hemorrhoids and the Risk of Colon Cancer

Recent claims suggesting a link between hemorrhoids and an increased risk of colon cancer have been debunked by the Anti-Fake News Center, in consultation with reputable health authorities such as the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Medical Services. It has been determined that such assertions are, in fact, baseless.

The Truth Unveiled

Let us set the record straight on this matter. Hemorrhoids, a condition characterized by the swelling of rectal veins or the protrusion of the large intestine tip, are not a cause of colon cancer. Understanding the distinction between these two ailments is crucial.

Hemorrhoids occur when rectal tissue swells and protrudes from the anus. They can be classified into two types: internal hemorrhoids, which develop in the higher rectal area, and external hemorrhoids, which manifest in the lower rectal region, protruding from the anus.

Identifying the Real Risk Factors

If we are to discuss the primary risk factors for colon cancer, it is imperative to focus on scientifically substantiated claims. Factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, regular intake of red and processed meats, low-fiber diet, and a sedentary lifestyle have been identified as contributors to colon cancer.

Potential warning signs of colon cancer include passage of stools mixed with mucus or blood, inconsistent bowel patterns characterized by alternating constipation and diarrhea, frequent but incomplete bowel movements, reduced stool size, and abdominal discomfort, distension, or colic.

Separating Fact from Fiction

In light of these facts, it is crucial that individuals exercise caution when encountering health-related information. We implore the public not to believe or propagate misinformation regarding potential links between hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

It is our collective responsibility to refrain from sharing such unverified claims on social media platforms. Instead, let us rely on credible sources, such as the National Cancer Institute and the Ministry of Public Health, to obtain accurate and up-to-date information. The National Cancer Institute can be reached at 02-202-6800, and additional information can be accessed on their website at

In conclusion, hemorrhoids do not contribute to the development of colon cancer. Rather, risk factors lie in lifestyle choices, including smoking, alcohol consumption, and diets rich in red and processed meats while lacking in fiber.

As there is a warning about the matterPeople with hemorrhoids Risk of colon cancer The Anti-Fake News Center has checked the facts with the National Cancer Institute, Department of Medical Services, Public Health Administration. Such issues were found to exist is false information

In the case of a health warning that states having hemorrhoids increases the risk of colon cancer. National Cancer Institute, Department of Medical Services, Public Health Administration Checked and clarified those facts Hemorrhoids are not a cause of colon cancer. Hemorrhoids are a disease caused by rectal veins. or the tip of the large intestine swells and protrudes into a protrusion from the anus. It can be divided into 2 types: internal hemorrhoids Occurs in the area of ​​rectal tissue that is higher than the level of the rectal sphincter. and external hemorrhoids Occurs in the lower rectal area A swelling comes out of the anus.

Factors that increase the risk of colon cancer include smoking and drinking alcohol. Regular consumption of red and processed meat Low fiber foods Smoke grilled food as well as lack of exercise, etc Common symptoms of the disease include passing stools with mucus mixed with blood or possibly fresh blood , with alternating constipation and diarrhoea. Frequent stools/no complete bowel movements Stool size becomes smaller. and has abdominal pain, distension, swelling, colic, etc.

Therefore, people are requested not to believe such information. and request cooperation not to send or share such information on various social media channels and to allow the public to receive news and information from the National Cancer Institute. Ministry of Public Health It can be traced on the website or call 02-202-6800

The truth is this: Hemorrhoids do not cause colon cancer. Factors that increase the risk of colon cancer are smoking and drinking alcohol. Eat red meat and processed meat regularly and eat low fiber foods

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