Debut Single Seaside Disk – “Recognition”

The upcoming Antwerp blues rock band, Seaside Disk, released their first single “Recognition” today. At the center is singer Victor Scheltiens, with a voice that is undoubtedly reminiscent of Alex Turner. Behind him is Kamil De Vylder, drummer in the style of legendary John Bonham, on bass we have Gustaaf De Schrijver and lead guitarist Noah Van Cleempoel, whose solos are the icing on the cake. These guys started performing in November last year and have already recorded twelve original songs. They can often be spotted at Antwerp festivals and in cafés.

“Recognition” brings out a dreamy atmosphere, which lasts throughout the song. As the song moves towards its climax, we notice a shift in dynamics. The guitars, which we heard a bit in the background before, come forward strongly and towards the end of the song they take the lead, which gives the song more character and intensity. Although they are clearly inspired by countless rock classics, they still manage to create their own rock vibe. In short, Seaside Disk is undoubtedly an emerging talent.

They will perform on Wednesday, September 6 at 9:30 pm Cafe Cabron in Antwerp.

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