Debut thanks to ‘Kara’ Jiyoung Kang and Yoonji Kim… Crying while filming in Japan (‘Same Bed, Dream 2’)[종합]

[마이데일리 = 강다윤 기자] Singer and actress Kim Yun-ji and KARA member Kang Ji-young expressed their gratitude to each other.

In SBS ‘Same Bed, Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny’ broadcast on the 29th, the couple Kim Yun-ji and Choi Woo-sung invited Kim Yun-ji’s cousin, Kang Ji-young.

On this day, Choi Woo-sung was dissatisfied with the result of the cooking battle with Kim Yun-ji and grumbled, “Do it again today.” Yunji Kim accepted, saying, “I’ll accept it. You just have to win.”

Kim Yoon-ji said, “Didn’t a customer come today? I’ll ask that senior.” Choi Woo-sung also acknowledged the existence of the judges, saying, “It’s perfect because you’re coming.”

A cooking battle revenge match that unfolds suddenly. Woosung Choi prepared tteokbokki with giblets, and Yunji Kim prepared crispy rice. The identity of the customer who appeared with the completion of the dish was none other than Kang Ji-young, an actress from the group Kara.

Kim Yoon-ji and Choi Woo-sung guided Kang Ji-young to the newly renovated terrace for the chilly weather. A bowl full of giblets tteokbokki and crispy rice. Kim Yun-ji explained, “You just have to objectively eat and choose something delicious.”

Kang Ji-young, who first tasted giblets tteokbokki, praised it, saying, “It’s very delicious. However, after eating the crispy rice, he frowned and could not speak. In the end, Kang Ji-young said, “I can honestly choose,” and chose giblets tteokbokki.

The penalty for a cooking battle is a nightmare. Kim Yoon-ji said, “Oppa, it’s not a joke. You moved into this house and you were newlyweds, so you wanted to play a game, but didn’t your forehead swell like this and cry?” Nevertheless, Choi Woo-sung gave Kim Yoon-ji a full-power chestnut that made a loud ‘click’ sound.

As if consoling defeat, Kang Ji-young appeared with a bottle of tequila, Kim Yun-ji’s favorite. Kim Yun-ji, who could not drink tequila for several months due to Choi Woo-sung’s ban, could not hide her joy. Fortunately, Kang Ji-young bought it, so the ban on tequila was temporarily lifted.

As they drank a glass of wine, the three talked about Oh Soon Do-soon. Kim Yoon-ji said, “I am the first in the family and Ji-young is the youngest, but in a way, Ji-young is much more mature, so there are times when I lean on her and ask for advice. I always called Girl Ji-young. Because we are in the same industry, we consulted about concerns.”

He continued, “Jiyoung debuted in 2008, when she was in her third year of middle school, and I made my debut after dropping out of my sophomore year of college in 2009. It’s amazing how he managed to do that at such a young age in the third year of middle school.”

Then, Kang Ji-young said, “I was able to debut thanks to my sister. At that time, she was a trainee at Kara’s agency.” Kim Yoon-ji explained, “There was one day. When the director said that he didn’t have any pretty friends, his cousin recommended that he was really pretty. My mother and Ji-young went hand in hand, so I debuted with Kara after a month.”

Kang Ji-young said, “I chose this path because my sister suggested it to me when I was too young and didn’t know anything. I am also active as a singer and now I am doing it as an actress. If my sister hadn’t done that, I would not have dreamed of it.”

Kim Yoon-ji said, “What I remember most was my debut stage on ‘Inkigayo’. At that time, Ji-young was in the midst of sweeping all the music shows with ‘Mr.’ Jiyoung came to the waiting room and held my hand tightly. He said, ‘You can do well, so don’t be nervous.’ That gave me a lot of strength and comfort.”

Then, Kang Ji-young said, “I am very grateful to my sister, I went to Japan after I turned 20. I was filming a drama, and I was doing 7 roles per person. It was also difficult, but I had to use the Japanese dialect, and even as a scientist, I used a lot of jargon. My head suddenly went blank while filming,” he recalled.

She continued, “I couldn’t think of anything while I was doing the lines. I couldn’t think of anything and cried a lot. I cried a lot. I cried all of a sudden while there were all the cameras on set. I asked for a moment and went to the waiting room. He added.

In response, Kim Yoon-ji said, “Do you know what we were thinking? We know that the child is helpless on the set, but there is nothing we can do right now. So, ‘Ji-young-ah, you can do it. I said, ‘I do the best I can,'” he said, touching my heart.

He continued, “If I were Jiyoung, I wouldn’t have been able to do half of it. It was so good. The day after my sister debuted, I sent a text message saying, ‘In any case, I will become an older sister who is not ashamed of you.’ “I think we’re doing well with each other. I want to be a person who can be of strength to Ji-young as much as Ji-young gives me strength,” he said, bringing warmth.

[사진 = SBS ‘동상이몽2 – 너는 내 운명’ 방송 캡처]

By Kang Da-yoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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