Decade of success ‘Nong Bua Phichay FC’, a new member of the Thai League

‘Nong Bua Lam Phu’, a small province in the Isan region that many people may not even know, even ‘Nong Bua Phichay’ football club of Phu Phan Kham can win the Thai League 2 And stepped up to be one of the best 16 teams in Thailand successfully. A small team but with a big heart was immediately in the Thai football stream.

‘Nong Bua Phichay FC’ competes in the Northeastern Division 2 regional league under the name ‘EGAT Nong Bua Lam Phu United’, with the title ‘Lightning Phu Phan Kham’ in 2010 by the end of the season. First of the teams in the 10th of 16 teams.

In the 2011 season the club switched to the name ‘Nong Bua Lam Phu FC’, got the new nickname ‘Electric Eel’ and finished with it at the bottom of the table. After that, 2014 changed the club president to Mr. Suthep Phumongkol Suriya Executive College of Pichaya Graduate School And finished 12th from 14 teams

‘Nong Bua Lam Phu FC’ was changed again in the 2015 season with a logo change. And the club name is ‘Nong Bua Phichay FC’ and used the nickname ‘Kai Chae Phra Naresuan’, finished the season with a result number 8 out of 18 teams. Isan that is the champion of the northern zone Ready to enter the Champions League round Step up to Thai League 2 Success in the 2017 season by the first season in the Thai League 2 ‘Nong Bua Phichay FC’ ended in 8th place from 32 appearances, winning 10, drawing 11 and losing 11.

The path to the top league of Nong Bua Phichay in the 2018 season is close, but did not finish with 5th place, collecting 45 points from 28 appearances, missing promotion to Thai League 1 only 5 points until the 2020 season. ‘ Phaya Kaichon ‘changed again, Somchai Chueboonchum’ came to supervise the army and added players And do a good job Despite the season fraught with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. But these warlords Phaya Kaichon The strongest team of the Thai League 2 stage He was able to promote to the highest league for the first time in the club’s history, successfully finishing with 75 points from 34 matches, winning 21 games, drawing 12 and losing just 1 game! This is the result that proves that ‘Nong Bua Phichay FC’ has a really good teamwork.


team : Nong Bua Phichay Football Club

Portfolio :

2016 1st place regional league, 2nd division (northern zone)

2019 League Cup semi-finals

2021 Thai League 2 Championship (M150 The Championship) 2020–64 season

Decade of success ‘Nong Bua Phichay FC’, a new member of the Thai League

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